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Services Offered by Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Operators


Nature has no limits. You can view beautiful sceneries of nature all across the globe. These scenarios help you to refresh your mind. It’s not a difficult task to find a natural scenario, but you might get bored watching the same thing again and again. This might lead to the loss of natural charm in your views. Other than trees or mountains, deserts can also give you beautiful sceneries. 

To view the natural beauty of a desert, you must have a desert safari across it. The capital of the United Arab Emirates also offers this experience. You can easily find a travel company with Abu Dhabi desert safari.

If you are going to enjoy the desert safari for the very first time, it is necessary for you to look for the best operators in order to enjoy the journey. Picking the right option is not a big deal, you only have to go through the services offered by the operators. 

An ideal tour operator offers the following services during the desert safari.

All three types of Desert Safari

An ideal operator offers you morning, evening, and overnight desert safari. This will help you to spare time for desert safari as a variety of options will lead you to choose the one that matches your routine. You will definitely want to enjoy the safari without being hurried to return. This will be possible only when you can do it at your preferred time.

Pick and Drop from the Residence

Pick and drop is included in every desert safari. The operator’s transport picks you from your residence and takes you to the desert. The transport is comfortable and on time. After reaching the desert, it’s up to you to choose the mode of further traveling. If you want to enjoy the dune bashing, then you can choose a quad bike or dune buggy. 

Providing Different Rides

Going on a desert safari and not enjoying any ride is almost impossible. Different types of rides are the key feature of every desert safari. It’s the duty of your operator to provide you with the vehicle of your demand. Riding a quad bike and dune buggy are specialized to give you an in-depth experience of dune bashing.

You can also carry your journey on a camel. It will be amazing to ride the ship in the desert. Hot air balloon rides are also available there. 

Photo Shooting

Any type of tour will be incomplete without photo shooting. The same is in the case of desert safari, as you will never want to don’t save your memories. A cameraman is provided by the operator to capture you at the best location and get-ups. It will make your tour more memorable.


Dining is a must-do thing, as the journey through the desert will raise your appetite. You can enjoy a barbeque dinner in the overnight or evening desert safari, and a delicious breakfast in case of morning safari. Unlimited drinks are a must part of the dining.

Many other adventurous activities and entertainment programs are provided by the operators. Dances, sand surfing, bonfire, and falcon shows are some of them. Almost every operator offers all these services. However, it’s recommended to select one after thorough consideration and deliberation. Before selecting a company, know about its service standards, reviews and what’s included. Also, don’t forget to compare its rates with other companies. All this will give you a fair bit of an idea whether to trust it with your desert safari experience or not.