Maybe you have heard about shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting but do you know why there is so much difference between all these three hosting and maybe many of you are looking for the Cheap VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. 

If you don’t then you are at the correct place here we are going to differentiate all these three for your better understanding. 

Let’s start reading them one by one. 


Shared hosting is a type of hosting which enables multiple sites under a single server. 

There are so many users so they will share the cost of that server equally. It allows a few hundred or several thousand users in a single server. 

Users use this as a benefit because of its low cost and few are having their fresh startup so they find this very useful as a newcomer. 

A single server shared among a few users is going to share the same RAM, data speed, and same processor. 

Few hosting companies give you Free  SSL certificates to make your site secure.


  1. It is very cost-effective. 
  2. It doesn’t require any maintenance as your server administrative will take care of little maintenance. 
  3. It is very easy to manage. It doesn’t require any special expert or an IT expert to manage your site. 
  4. As a beginner, it is a very good platform for newcomers. 



Starting this with an example, let a server is having 8 GB of RAM, and you buy 2 GB of them, then that 2 GB is yours, and it is inside a special compartment of yours. 

You are sharing the server but not the data space nor the processor as shared hosting. 

Thus the virtual private server is a server that allocates you the bandwidth, storage, and needed RAM. 

So no other sites can make any effect on your site. 

The virtual compartment allows each virtual user to create its own operating system(OS). 

There are few types of VPS 

  1. Cloud VPS 
  2. Managed VPS 
  3. Unmanaged VPS 
  4. Self-managed VPS 


  1. It provides you with what you pay for. 
  2. It allocates you the bandwidth and storage for the better performance of your site. 
  3. It is more secure than shared hosting. 
  4. You will never face slackness in your site even though it is shared.
  5. You can use customized software and even you can upgrade your server. 
  6. It is fast and reliable. 
  7. Everyone is getting its virtual private room so no there is no risk of getting hack or you will never lose your data. It is secure. 8. It gives SSH and root access to your server to afford you more control. 


Dedicated hosting is totally different from both the hosting as in shared you have to share the server and in VPS you are getting your special compartment. 

But in dedicated hosting, you are getting the whole system in your hand no virtuality no sharing it is totally yours. 

In dedicated hosting, the customer has full access to his server. 

The dedicated server is totally yours you can use customized software easily. 

And the people who are running bigger applications on their sites will find that only dedicated gives them the confidence to do that. 

Even with more traffic, you can handle your site easily. you will never face any slackness. 


  1. Its uptime is very good it is nearly 99.95% 
  2. You can choose your own operating system. 
  3. You can choose your own data space, your own RAM.
  4. You can update your operating system. 
  5. You get full security as this whole server is in your hand and there is no other site with whom you are sharing your server. 
  6. Your data is secure and safe and the chances of hacking are very less. 
  7. If you get any problem you get 24/7 customer support.

Why EZHERHOST is the best hosting company in India. 

As there are so many hosting companies but EzerHost is the best of all because of its cheap cost which allows the newcomer to start their small business. 

Because they use the latest technology for their users. As 70% of people use Linux as their operating system and EzerHost has all their plans for Linux OS. 

Its hosting rate starts from rs.17 only which is very low compared to other hosting companies. 

Their few plans are listed below 

  • For web press, they are charging rs.21/m
  • For reseller hosting, they charge rs.129/m. 
  • For WooCommerce hosting, they charge rs.199/m.
  • For eCommerce hosting, they charge rs.249/m.
  • For Magento hosting, they charge rs.349/m. 
  • For VPS hosting, they charge rs.249/m. 
  • For cloud hosting, they charge rs.350/m. 
  • For Dedicated servers, they charge rs.2,899/m.


Above we have seen all the things related to shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. 

Now it is up to you which hosting you want to buy because as your site will grow you need more data space to upload your data and need more RAM to transfer more data. 

You need more traffic on your site but you don’t need slackness on your site. 

Starting from shared is good but if you need more control on your site then you can move to VPS or dedicated hosting. 

Now I think after all this discussion you are very clear about all of the hosting.

If you still have any doubts and queries, then let us know with your comments below.