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Sharing Files with SHAREit: Everything You Should Know


Gone are the days when we couldn’t share files between two phones. There is no denying that Bluetooth has revolutionized how files are shared without connecting them to a port, but even Bluetooth cannot transfer multiple files that take up a few GBs of space. 


SHAREit allows users to share files between multiple devices for free. It is a multipurpose digital content platform that can transfer a wide range of different types of files, from light to very heavy, between devices in a matter of minutes. SHAREit is compatible with Windows OS, iOS, Android, mac OS and several other operating systems. It has earned its reputation in the industry for working quickly and efficiently.


Data Security in SHAREit:

SHAREit has always been safe to use. It has a good reputation in the market for the same reason. 


  1. The app developers prioritise regular security checks to ensure that the files do not contain any viruses. 
  2. There is also an option that people can choose while sharing sensitive information that allows for an extra level of security before files are shared.
  3. File transfer is only possible once the devices are connected, so you do not have to worry about the crucial information getting lost or falling into the wrong hands. 


The makers and developers take the matter of data security very seriously, so you can rest assured that any data you transfer will always be secure.


What Kind of Files can be Share on the App?

Photos, videos, music, apps, pdfs are some of the more popular files that could be sent to one another through SHAREit. Even larger files like a Blu-ray movie as heavy as 4 GB can be easily shared through the app within minutes. Not only individual files, but you can also share entire folders via SHAREit.  


What If a User does Not Speak or Understand English? Are there Other Language Options Available?

Today, SHAREit is available in a whopping 45 languages. People all around the world can use the app in languages like German, French, Hindi, Spanish, and English. These are some of the most popular languages and markets where SHAREit is used. Russian, Arabic and Cantonese are some of the other popular languages.


Can You Transfer Files from Android to iOS Using SHAREit? What Happens If You don’t have an Internet Connection?


To put it simply, the SHAREit app is just that efficient. You don’t need the internet to share files on the app. Just follow these steps in order:


Download SHAREit, then open the app on the sender’s device and tap on Send. 

– Now, you will be able to select the files (media files only, such as photos, music, or videos) that you want to send to the other device. 

– Enable mobile hotspot on the Android device and always remember to Keep SHAREit running in the background on both devices. You will be provided with a password. 

– Connect the iPhone or iPad to the newly created hotspot. 

– Using multitasking mode, you should now be able to switch to the SHAREit app once you are connected to the hotspot. You can now start sending or receiving files in line with the regular SHAREit procedure.


How fast is SHAREit? Is there a limit on the size of the file that can be shared on the app?

SHAREit is one of the fastest apps used for file-sharing in the current market. The sending and receiving of the files are up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The transfer speed, though, may depend on the Wi-Fi connection rather than the software itself. No file or folder size is too large to share on SHAREit. If your device has storage space to contain the file, SHAREit can send it. Moreover, you can also send gaming apps with SHAREit. 


Does SHAREit use internet data? Where are the files received from the sender stored in the phone?

Downloading SHAREit has tremendous benefits. An important one is that it doesn’t require internet data to transfer files. It is undoubtedly more beneficial to use a Wi-Fi connection to share files since that will significantly increase the transfer speed. It is also an excellent option for people travelling internationally who want to avoid call roaming charges. The files that are shared will be stored in the SD card of that device. By checking your transfer history, you will be able to check the location of the shared files.


What is the SHAREit gaming centre?

SHAREit gaming centre contains all the trending mobile games that are up for download. What is excellent about the gaming centre is that it does not require users to sign up to download the app. You can simply find the game you plan to install and begin the download process. 


Learn more about the app on the SHAREit YouTube channel