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Should You Change Your Tyre Size or Not?



Tyres are a more complex structure than they seem like. They are designed to focus on certain functions like building the connection between the road and your vehicle and providing you safe while driving. Motorists must pay attention to the configuration and maintenance of your vehicle tyre. Not only cars, whatever vehicle you own, but you should also always check size and type before fitting them in your vehicle.

Many motorists want to upgrade their tyres by upsizing them and by working on their appearance. Due to lack of knowledge, they don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of changing the size of your tyre. However, there are some rules and regulations for changing the size of your Tyres Bracknell. Upgrading your tyre has many benefits like – larger tyres improve the handling and corner ability of your vehicle. For instance, off-roading tyres are naturally bigger to provide a larger footprint on the road to sustain better grip. Similarly, upgrading your tyres can adversely affect the working condition as it has some cons as well. Like, larger tyres are heavier and reduce the performance of the car.

Does the size of your tyre matter? Is it something very important? If you want to upgrade your tyres, there are certain things you should know. Although in most of the cases, it is recommended to stick to your standard size of the tyres.

Your automotive will go further before the tyre completes an entire rotation if you choose a larger tyre with a greater outside diameter. If you change the size of your tyres, the information reaching your vehicle’s system will change and it will respond differently. For example- Using oversized tyres can affect your brakes.

You must check out these points before changing the tyre size

  • Check the load capacity- Check the replacement tyre’s load carrying capabilities. Manufacturers choose a specific tyre for a vehicle based on a variety of characteristics, including load-bearing capabilities. As a result, make sure the load-bearing capacity of the replacement tyres is equivalent to, if not greater than, the original set.
  • Always remember to consider the speed ratings- Although all the tyres are compatible with road-legal cars it is a good idea to check the speed rating of your replacement tyres. The speed rating of the replacement tyres must be higher or equivalent to your original tyres. If it is lower, you might have to restraint your driving limits.
  • Even if you are upgrading your tyre size, make sure they do not touch the body of your car. Every car is designed to be compatible with certain tyre sizes, buying tyres that are larger than the given size can adversely affect your car body, they might even damage the sidewall of your car. You must provide some special attention that your tyres have some free movement when your car is fully loaded. If not, they can cause uneven wear and tear on your tyres.
  • It is very important to maintain the proportion between the sidewall and the width of the tyres. Since width and sidewall are proportional to each other, you must consider buying tyres that if the tyre width increases the sidewall must decrease accordingly.

It is possible to modify the diameter of your Continental Tyres Bracknell without changing the size. For instance, if you want larger rims, you can choose tyres that compensate for the larger rims by lowering the outer tire’s “height.” This is why the outside of the tyre of a car with huge rims has a considerably narrower “band” of rubber.

Remember calculating the width of your tyres is important because a car is engineered for optimal performance with a specific size of the tyre. If you are willingly changing the tyre size, you might have to compromise the performance of your car.