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Every business desires to achieve significant growth with the passing years. But there are many hurdles it faces in the process. One such hurdle is a poor web hosting service. In the early stages, everyone … Read More

Dedicated Server India

Every business desires to achieve significant growth with the passing years. But there are many hurdles it faces in the process. One such hurdle is a poor web hosting service. In the early stages, everyone prefers to choose Shared Server over Dedicated, as it is cheap. But as the business expands the Shared Server outgrows its limit. And if you still continue relying on the Shared Network you may lose your potential customers to your rival.

The Indian Online Market is so competitive, to outrun the rivals you need to stay ahead at every step. And picking the Dedicated Server India over the Shared Server is one such step. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting India will provide your business with all the necessary features required to expand and grow on a large scale.

But don’t just take our word for it, read the article till the end and decide for yourself!

What does an Online Business require to Grow?

There are various important factors affecting the growth of a business. We have explained below all such factors which a business needs to grow at a rapid pace –

Ultra-Fast Speed and Performance


Speed and Performance play a major role in the growth of the website. If the website runs slow or takes a higher loading time then the chances of the customers leaving the website are very high. Statistics say that “most visitors will leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load”. Also, slow loading speed also impacts the Search Result rankings of the website.

A shared server can provide optimum speed and performance only until the website attracts limited traffic and does not contain large videos or images on the display. Only the Dedicated Server can provide unbeatable speed to your system. The Dedicated Server India is in-built with advanced configurations, designed to provide superfast performance to the website.

High Level of Data Security

For a user to build trust and loyalty towards a brand its data security measures play a very important role. Imagine, if you make an online purchase from an eCommerce website and due to poor security measures your important data (card or online payment details) gets leaked. Will you ever shop again from this brand or store? Your answer is definitely No.

So, if your server stores sensitive information, then it’s very important to choose a Dedicated Server. In a Shared Server, hundreds of users use the same server network, leading to high chances of data theft and security breach. The Dedicated Server India provides you separate server resources along with advanced security measures to keep your data safe and secure.

Easy Management of Website Traffic

For a website to grow it’s very essential to manage high traffic easily. If the visitors run into the server error page very frequently it clearly announces that your server isn’t able to carry the load of heavy traffic. Frequent website crashes may also generate discontent amongst the users and you may suffer through the loss of potential buyers.

So, if your website shows a rise in monthly visitors it’s the correct time to switch to a Dedicated Server. The India Dedicated Server has high-speed SSDs and processors to easily handle the traffic spikes.

Highly Flexible and Scalable Server Resources

Scalability is a very important factor, which every webmaster should look for before choosing the Dedicated Server Plan. Since the requirements of every website are different, some may require unlimited bandwidth, while others may require more storage capacity. So to fulfill such needs the scalability and flexibility of the server are very important.

Before choosing your Dedicated Server India plan see whether you are allowed to customize the server configurations or not. Though you may require some technical knowledge to adjust your server specifications but it will be worth it if you achieve smooth website performance.

How Serverwala’s Dedicated Server India can help you?

Now that you know about everything your website needs to grow your business. It’s time to understand how Serverwala, a leading web hosting provider could help you with that.
Their Dedicated Server India plan provides the users various exciting benefits consisting of everything you have learned above about the website’s requirements to grow.

Here are the various features of the Dedicated Server Hosting India:

  • Robust Hardware Configurations – The India Dedicated Server is in-built with High-Speed SSDs, premium RAM, and powerful intel core processors.
  • DDoS Protection – The Dedicated Server is protection advanced DDoS security.
  • Custom Configurations – Their Dedicated Server India plan allows the users to customize the server configurations. You may also choose your operating system.
  • High Uptime and Bandwidth – The Dedicated Server India provides 99.99% uptime and redundant network bandwidth to your system.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – The Technical Support Team of Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting in India is available 24/7 to help the customers with any problem they face.

Dedicated Server India Plans

Here are the plans and prices of the India Dedicated Server. Choose the one most suitable to your needs:

Serverwala's Dedicated Server India Plan

Customer Reviews

Here are the genuine Customer Reviews of Serverwala’s Clients.

Dedicated Server India ReviewsFinal Words

The Dedicated Server India can help you grow your online business at a rapid pace. It will help you to attract superfast speed, strict security, flexibility & scalability, and easy handling of traffic spikes. With Serverwala’s Dedicated Server India you will be able to generate high revenue and truly skyrocket your business.

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