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Small Kitchen Ideas: Designing Kitchen for Smaller Homes

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Small Kitchen Ideas: Designing Kitchen for Smaller Homes


Just like everyone else, it is completely normal to dream of a big, spacious kitchen at home; who wouldn’t, right? A haven where you can buy all the cooking materials you want without thinking about how much space you have left or decorating them with no limitations. However, let’s face reality. Many people only have a small, oddly-shaped kitchen area at home. Nevertheless, small is still beautiful, and that doesn’t mean you can’t design and organize it the way you want to.


If you arrived on this page, that means you’re looking for ways to maximize the space that you have in your kitchen. No worries because aside from the kitchen cabinet refacing Placentia, we gathered some ideas on designing a small space to achieve the kitchen of your dreams.


Opt for collapsible furniture`

Collapsible furniture has been changing the game these past few years. An adjustable table, for example, can be used for solo dining and can be extended for a feast with family and friends. Some even have storage cabinets below where you can store dinner wares and appliances.


Extend cupboards up until the ceiling

The number one rule in making the most out of a small kitchen area is to maximize all the space available, whether up or down. Get your contractor to extend the cabinetry up to the ceiling to heighten your tiny cooking area. Aside from space-saving benefits, it lessens hard-to-reach dust too!


Create an illusion of space

One of the tricks to make your kitchen look larger is to create an illusion of space. How would you do that? Place glass and mirrors all over the kitchen and make it look like it doesn’t stop there. You can reface La Verne’s kitchen cabinet and replace the old skins with glass if you currently have a wooden cabinet. Since you have more reflection, you can have a brighter kitchen too


Illuminate every angle

If you think that having a tiny space doesn’t require more lighting, you’re wrong. Aside from the light coming from a window, it would be best if you had ample lighting in every corner of your kitchen. Brightness can give a sense of comfort and will make your kitchen look sleeker. Don’t be afraid of adding light fixtures because it’s never too much to put lighting.

Use soft color schemes.

Dark color palettes shrink an already small kitchen and set a boring and gloomy mood which makes it less inviting. It’s either you change the colors of your old cabinetry, backsplash, or both. Use soft shades to expand a small room and receive more natural light visually.


Do you need more ideas on how to design a kitchen for smaller homes? Visit this infographic provided by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing for more tips and tricks.


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