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Smart Storage Hacks For Every Kitchen


”We don’t have any place left to store this in the kitchen!”
If you find yourself saying this often, don’t worry, you are not alone! Urban people living in flats struggle quite a lot when it comes to space, especially in their kitchen. The countertops are overcrowded, but if you think through and relook at the space you have, you will find a lot of ways to use the same space and fit all that you want to. How? You ask?
We tell you the same below.

Let’s begin to look at what our design experts have to say!

  • Pan and Pots area-

    Both these are large and occupy a lot of space. The alternative to placing these can be a pegboard behind the door or wall. Use the board to hang pan, pot, spoons, strainers, graters and other essentials. If you are in touch with a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida, you can also ask them to place floating shelves and store groceries and spices in them efficiently.

  • Above cabinets and kitchen cabinets-

    Collapsible shelves or stackable baskets can be used to pack in a lot of items. Undershelf hanging wires are another great option. To make most use of the vertical space, you can also get small drawers installed and also use the space that is in the big containers. The above cabinets can be used to store things you don’t need on a daily basis like grains, large cookware and pulses etc.

  • Store under the sink space-

    This space is left quite underused and ignored. You can easily use this space to store detergent, and cleaning equipment for the bathroom, house, kitchen and washing. To keep them in order and avoid spills you can hang everything on rods. The dustbin can also be placed on the vertical side. The extra utensil cleaning sponges and other items can also be kept there.

  • Small kitchen tables can be used-

    Depending on which modular kitchen design you have got done from the modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida, you can get a small table. Islands can end up consuming a lot of space. Instead of this design, if you have space constraint you can get a small table, use the space under the table for storage and use it as an extra space for a quick family meal.

  • Organise trays and plates-

    Instead of lining plates, baking sheets and plates horizontally, you can place them vertically. It is way more space-saving and convenient. Dividers for the pantry in the form of metal rods or wooden planks can be used.

  • Magnetic Strips for the win-

    If the kitchen has less and less of drawers, a magnetic strip can be used to hang ladles, knives and even to stick spices on the fridge!

We hope the above-mentioned tips helped you in making your kitchen more spacious and pleasing. If you have some more ideas, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below. Remember to consult a modular kitchen manufacturer in Noida as well for the same. Happy Spacing!