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HL-DLY-10C snack and drink automatic vending machine with touchscreen


The HL-DLY-10C snack drink automatic vending machine with a 21.5inches touchscreen is one of the most advanced vending machines on the market today. You will see vending machine touch screen in many places because they provide require features to the consumers. It has a sleek, stylish design that will compliment any business or home. The touch screen makes it easy to operate, and the wide range of drinks and snacks available will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

The HL-DLY-10C is perfect for locations where a large touchscreen is important, such as schools, hospitals, and airports. It has various features that make it easy to use, including a built-in credit card reader and thermal printer.


It offers a broader 21.5inch touchscreen experience. The touchscreen makes it easy to select the items you want to buy, and the built-in camera allows you to see what’s inside the vending machine before you make your purchase.

  • Many advance features make this vending machine convenient and easy to use, including a scanner that can read barcodes and a speaker to play music.
  • This vending machine is perfect for businesses or schools that want to offer their customers or students a convenient way to purchase snacks or drinks!
  • The feature includes a payment system that accepts both coins and bills and a dispensing mechanism that releases items one at a time.
  • The HL-DLY-10C has a lockable cabinet, so you can be sure your snacks and drinks are safe.
  • The HL-DLY-10C also has a built-in coin changer so that you can pay for your snacks and drinks with ease.
  • The HL-DLY-10C is an excellent investment for any business or home. It offers an impressive return on your investment with its low cost of ownership and high profits.
  • This machine is incredibly reliable and will last for years with minimal maintenance required.
  • It’s also Energy Star certified, meaning that it consumes minimal power and is environmentally friendly.


  • Easy to use.
  • Commercial use.
  • Touch screen system


  • Only for commercial use.

          Why should you use an automatic touchscreen vending machine?

The vending machine touchscreen machines are popular these days because they are user-friendly. They are also efficient because you do not have to key in data. You can touch the icons on the screen. One of the main reasons is that it can help to improve your customer service. With an automatic touchscreen vending machine, you can reduce the time it takes for customers to check out. This can help to improve your customer’s experience and make them more likely to return in the future.

Additionally, using an automatic touchscreen vending machine can help to improve your workflow and efficiency in your business. While vending machine factory may remain a staple in American culture. Factories that produce vending machines continue to grow and improve the technology behind these machines. This growth is likely to continue, as vending machines offer businesses and consumers a variety of benefits.

         Final Words

The automatic vending machine touchscreen is an excellent investment for businesses and organizations. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to use, making it valuable to any workplace or facility.