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Social Change: The Appreciation of Filmmaking

The Appreciation of Filmmaking


From rom-coms to psychological thrillers, you will find many people appreciating the appeal of movies that have become a major part of our lives. Consequently, this has resulted in the booming growth of movies that are being developed every day to satisfy their audience’s increasing demand.

Representation of society and its role in each film is one of the major reasons people find themselves enjoying these visually moving pieces of art, which hold concepts that are deeply integrated into our life.

One of the great things about movies is that even though they portray a detailed description of modern society, they still somehow manage to challenge our morals, transform our views, or even leave behind a significant impact on us that we cannot forget so easily.

For example, let us consider the wonderful visual works created by Australia’s film and TV producer, Yolandi Franken. In her many years working in the entertainment industry, she cultivated her skills and produced various documentaries, short format stories, and feature films such as ‘Streets of Color,’ ‘Turbines,’ ‘Tabernacle 101’, ‘Miss Multiverse Australia’ and many more. Her creations were so positively received that they were even accepted into countless prestigious film festivals, with many of them achieving rewards as well. Additionally, her productions are also available on streaming platforms worldwide, such as Google Play, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, etc.

In her many years working as a producer, Yolandi had focused her attention on what parts of films are responsible for triggering social change amongst viewers. Visual effects, storytelling, and morals have shown to have significant impacts on social change. Keeping that in mind, Yolandi was able to implement these factors in her work, which is why people still light up when they hear about her completed features films and other forms of visual media.

Yolandi believes that the utilization of media gives us the power to influence our audience in more ways than one. Not only can we trigger an emotional response from the audience, but we can also alter their perceptions on topics centered on a specific visual work.

That is why Yolandi takes great care in ensuring that her work is instilled with powerful positive messages that can hopefully bring about some good social change in our society. She is currently working on a few movie projects, such as ‘Carmen and Bolude,’ a comedy movie focused on racial and gender equality. And the ‘New Kid at School’ is centered on the story of a young mixed-race kid in a foreign place.

Furthermore, Yolandi isn’t only focused on getting her story messages across. One of her many accomplishments as a producer was establishing a charitable film festival in 2014 called ‘Cause Film Festival’. The festival still runs to this day and serves as a platform where films with charitable and positive messages are accepted and shown to the public and have since then housed some of the most talented actors and filmmakers residing in Australia. And thanks to her achievements, she has become a role model figure for many aspiring creators who wish to create their own movies and be able to accomplish the same goals as her. How to Delete Files Protected by TrustedInstaller in Windows 10/8.1/7 and Get Ownership in 2021 Techntoste.