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Some Tips to Increase your Tyre Durability


With the Covid-19 pandemic striking, the whole world has gone under lockdown. It is likely that if not a medical staff or an essential worker, you have been venturing out much. Your car might not become your priority during this time; however, they do need your care.

Cars when sitting for long, the tyres can start losing air pressure, and there could be a dip in the tyre weight too. Again, the car staying idle could affect the car components. Even though stuck during the lockdown, you should take good care of your car for it to function efficiently when the lockdown is lifted up.

Measure Your Tyre Pressure Level Every Now And Then

Maintaining Performance Tyres London pressure level as mentioned on your car manual or even by the side of the door panel will drastically help in increasing the longevity of your tyres. It would also help with steering and controlling. Road grip is very important when driving and, this safety factor is looked after when you maintain an accurate tyre pressure level.

If checking it by yourself is not possible, head to your mechanic who has the right equipment to do so. Inflating your car tyres to the right level ensures there are no sudden bald spots and ensures you can use your car when it is time to go out again. Tyre inflation might seem negligible; however, it is a basic factor that plays a vital role in your safety.

Look After Your Car’s Tyre Tread 

Make sure to turn your wheels to the far right and inspect the tyre tread pattern and the depth thoroughly. All manufactured tyres nowadays come with tread depth indicators which, when visible, means it is time to replace them. The penny test can also help you determine the condition of your vehicle and whether it requires repair or replacement.

You might not have to venture out now, but you never know when you need your car. Take the right steps and follow all maintenance tips to keep the car fully operational, even during the lockdown. Check the tyres for any visible damage like bulges, bumps caused due to bad road conditions.

Make Sure You Rotate Your Car Tyres 

While most experts advise rotating the tyres after completing every 4,000-6,000 miles, keeping your tyres inactive for long creates bald spots. Rotating the tyres increases your tyre longevity and gives you better performance.

Move Your Car And Buy Foam Ramps 

If you live somewhere where there is a big parking space or even a big lawn, try moving your car every now and then. Push the car backwards and then forward if it is safe so that the weight from the Tyres London could be lifted off. Tyres, when exposed to sunlight for a long time, can deteriorate.

Small foam ramps are available in the market, which you could use to alleviate the pressure on the rubbers. It helps in maintaining the normal rubber temperature and helping reduce tyre damage risks. Following these tips, you can easily maintain your car and your tyres even when stuck at home so that when everything becomes normal, your car can provide you with optimum performance.