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Some trending social media management tools In 2022


Although there are lots of social media management tools, these are some upcoming tools that have the potential to take over the market by 2022.


  • Hootsuite has been on the market for a decade now and has offered an array of amazing features including content distribution, live chats, analytics and more.
  • They claim that 30% of their users makeover $10k a month in revenue. You can sign up for free but it is recommended to purchase a monthly plan or annual plan.
  • The app offers on-demand scheduling with availability across multiple platforms like iOS/Android as well as desktop browsers.
  • Their pricing is quite moderate ranging from $3.99 to $19.99 per month.
  • It was launched in 2008 by Ryan Holmes and has offices in Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco and New York.
  • Although it is not the best tool according to some users, it has a huge community of over 30 million users who are still making a decent income off Hootsuite.
  • They claim to have over 80 million visitors a month and it is a known fact that they are the highest ranked social media management tool in the market.


  • Instagram was launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger and Mike Krieger.
  • The app has been recognized as one of the most powerful app for all things visual; hence it has become quite popular in just a year since its launch.
  • It got listed on many online publications like Forbes, Time, TechCrunch, Forbes etc.


Panache is one of the best and most renowned social media management software available in the market. There are no terms regarding this digital marketing technique, but it does help in promoting sales effectively and quickly. It is a great way to generate leads for your brand.


These are the most popular and trending social media management tools in the market. Each of these tools has some unique features that make them unique from other social media management tools.

Earlier when there were few social networking sites, it was easy to manage a profile on different social media sites and post content on them. But now with more than 500 million active users, it becomes difficult to manage all your profiles on different websites and this is where social media management software comes into play.