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Sound Therapy to Tackle Covid-19

Sound Therapy

In this fast-growing world with hectic lives, one cannot expect a stress-free life, but the least we could do is to manage the stress and there are countless techniques to do so. Sound therapy is one of the most effective therapies to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Sound also has a powerful effect on how we feel throughout the day. The key principle of sound healing is that our bodies resonate efficiently with sound waves since the majority of our composition is water. The molecules in water are denser, which allows it to transmit energy faster from one particle to the next. Sound therapy is one of the energy therapies that make up the field of vibrational medicine. It is a very powerful and gentle way to return the body’s own vibration to its natural state. Sound therapists have successfully proven that everything from stress to disease to hormonal problems can be treated using sounds of proper frequency that help your body and brain to synchronize with its environment. Practitioners believe that a person and his or her body parts and organs are comprised of unique frequencies. They perform therapeutic applications of sound vibrations with the intention of bringing harmony and balance. Doctors suspected that covid-19 was linked to higher rates of mental health problems. According to a study, nearly 20% of covid patients develop mental health issues like anxiety, insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Even if the person is cured but being diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease can trigger stress and anxiety. In the Covid 19 pandemic, varied neurological manifestations are being recognized increasingly where both the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system are majorly being affected. Music Therapy is used in a wide spectrum of neurological disorders like Autism, Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, especially during the Covid pandemic worldwide. Though the evidence may be limited, people who have tried Music therapy have said that it offers many health benefits. It involves the systematic use of vibrations aimed at achieving therapeutic goals by trained therapists.

Vibroacoustic sound therapy offers the following benefits:

Lower Blood Pressure

Reduced Pain

Reduced Anxiety

Better Regulated Limbic System

Increased Circulation

Shortened Healing Periods

Increased Sleep Quality

Increased Sense of Calm

So there is functional recovery with improvements in socialization, motivation mood, and depression in the post-recovery of Covid 19. Music Therapy has enabled some autistic children to relate to others and to have improved learning skills. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on the minds and bodies, especially slow, silent music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones, which is very important in the Covid era especially.

The Human Energy Research Centre, an organization in New Delhi, has found an incredible sound therapy called electro- frequency vibration to cure covid-19. The therapy is based on the principle derived from the ancient Vedic philosophy that the entire universe is internally in a state of subtle vibrations called cosmic sound. Merging this knowledge with the principles of quantum theory applicable to a wave, the experts Dr. Rameshwar Vaish, Ikwan Onwuka, and Dr. Harsh Rastogi has developed three sound waves. Vibrational frequencies of coronavirus and two enzymes were decoded and since each of them has different frequencies, the three sound waves have been designed to deal with each of them. This sound therapy is completely harmless and does not have any side effects. The concept behind this is that the sound waves will attack the virus and create resonance. The virus, which has a protein cell layer starts vibrating, and therefore the chemical bond breaks down. The virus can not sustain beyond a certain energy level.

A trial of this theory was conducted in May on some symptomatic patients in home isolation. According to the doctors the patient showed improvement within days, two-three days are required to complete this course and soon it will be implemented in hospitals where patients are willing to make sound therapy.


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