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Spotify launches a new premium plan perfect for couples


One of the easiest ways to listen to music today is to use Spotify. The problem is that the free version contains ads and a series of limitations, so many users end up resorting to the premium plan. The problem is that currently we either pay 9.99 euros (or dollars) or we join a family plan of 4 accounts for 14.99 euros per month. That is why we think it is excellent news to see how Spotify has added a new premium plan perfect for couples.

As you can guess from our words, the new Spotify Premium plan is designed to be used by two different accounts. The company has called it Spotify Premium Apk, so it can be a great way to pay less for our Spotify premium subscription.

Note: In addition, you can also refer to Youtube Premium to enjoy free music services for students and families.

Spotify Premium Duo costs 12.49 euros per month

As is normal in these cases, it is cheaper to use the subscriptions of several accounts to be distributed among the users than a single account. For example, if we use the family plan, the payment per account is only 3.75 euros per month, much cheaper than paying the 9.99 euros for the individual account. Something similar happens with the new Spotify Premium Duo plan and that is that it costs 12.49 euros, precisely for two accounts.

Spotify Premium Duo

In this way, each account will get Spotify Premium for a monthly payment of 6.25 euros per month, much less than the individual account, but without reaching the low price of the family plan. That is why this premium plan seems ideal for couples, where we save having to find two other members for the family plan and still pay less than what the individual account offers us.

In addition, as expected, the benefits of the Spotify Premium Duo plan are the same as those of any other premium account and that is that we can listen to all the music we want without any type of advertising, being able to choose the quality at which we reproduce it and with the possibility of downloading our music to enjoy it offline wherever we go. The truth is that it is a very comfortable music streaming service and if you listen to music on a regular basis or even podcast, it is highly recommended that you access some of their premium plans to enjoy all the improvements.