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SSL Certificates- Do You Need One for your Website?

SSL Certificate

The Internet can sometimes get nasty because there is no rule of law governing what goes around.

Every business or person thriving on the web is responsible for all the good and bad things that happen to him/her.

Although big internet players such as Google and Microsoft have tried to establish some order, that is mostly based on the precautionary measures that one can take.

SSL Certificates are one of those precautionary measures that are protecting websites across the globe

Understanding an SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate monitor, analyze, block, and protect a website by checking and encrypting the data exchanged between a user’s computer and the website.

SSL performs asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic functions in the backend. It uses public and private keys to start a secure communication and establish a secure network through a temporary session key to facilitate the data exchange.

It also ceases the hackers’ malicious attempts to penetrate the website security and report that to you.

Certain SSL certificate providers also provide PCI DSS compliance that facilitates financial transactions and smooth functioning through credit/debit cards and net banking. You can find different cheap prices at Cheap SSL Coupon Code where you can find diversified SSL products.

The vulnerability of small businesses to cyberattacks

Cybercriminals do not manually pick websites for hacking. They go by an automated system that finds loopholes for them.

Stats show that half of all cyberattacks are done on small businesses only.

So, hackers do not care how much you make from your business or how small it is in size; all they are concerned about is whether they can sneak in and grab any information.

Even if you run a small business, not getting an SSL certificate will most certainly put you at risk.

What benefits does an SSL certificate bring to your website?


  • Increases your authenticity

SSL certificate verifies your identity and makes it public for the visitors to see that you are credible.

To install an SSL, you need to comply with the CA’s (Certificate Authority) specific rules.

CA asks for a person’s address, name, number, and government ID details before issuing the certificate.

If a website has an SSL installed, they are authentic, and visitors can trust them with their confidential details.


  • Providers data protection

While establishing communication with the client and sharing data, your website information gets vulnerable to interception by creepy hackers.

SSL ensures that data gets passed through a safe pathway where no 3rd party can interfere in the communication except the sender and the receiver.

SSL creates an invisible shield behind which the exchange takes place. Hackers are unable to penetrate the security because they cannot see it in the first place.

Confidential data such as passwords, usernames, credit/debit card, and bank information can all be done under the safe roof provided by the SSL certificate.


  • Fulfills PCI/DSS compliance requirement  

If you have an eCommerce website where you accept online payment, then following PCI guidelines are essential.

Out of the 12 requirements to qualify for accepting online payments, getting an SSL is one requirement. This is the reason why the use of SSL is inevitable if you want to trade online.

Moreover, the customers who trust you with their information also feel safe when they see that their transaction is powered by PCI/DSS authority.

So, getting an SSL will not only help you steer clear of the legal fulfillments but also improve the customer’s trust.

Need of SSL certificate for your business website

Although Google has made it mandatory for all websites to have an SSL installed to sustain in the rankings, there are plenty of other reasons why you need a certificate.

Let us explore a few of them to clear the confusion:


1. You need SSL to accept payments

We talked about the importance of SSL in accepting payments in the benefits of SSL discussed above.

It is one of the significant reasons to get an SSL, too, because when you apply for a merchant account to accept payment even, they will ask you to get an SSL certificate installed before getting a merchant account.

Even the merchants do not want to risk their business. So, ensure that you get an SSL to accept payments from customers.


2. You need SSL to protect your administrative logins.

Administrative logins are a standard part of membership websites because multiple users’ sign up every hour on such websites.

With such heavy traffic coming in from different locations, it is not easy to locate which person is credible and which one is not.

An SSL makes it easier for the website to protect the administrative login page and does not allow anybody to crack that as it contains the essential website information.

SSL will block any IP addresses that continuously breach the administrative security and inform you about that.

Also, never keep your admin page logged in all the time. It gives hackers a chance to breakthrough.


3. They protect web forms.

Not every website is there to sell stuff. Some websites are there to conduct research and collect essential information from their clients.

Such forms also need SSL protection because hackers can steal your reports and sell them to the black market’s needy.

Web forms contain information like passwords, usernames, data, statistics, and business plans. All these pieces of information are precious.

So, it is best if you get an SSL installed to keep your client’s information and business plans protected.

To Conclude

An SSL certificate is like your car’s windshield that protects you and the comrades (your customers in case of your website) sitting beside you safe from dust particles (cybercriminals), bees(spyware), and even rain(hackers).

As 2021 is approaching, search engines and customers are getting more skeptical about their data security.

They understand the attractive benefits that an SSL certificate brings to their data security.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy one, there is no better provider than Cheap SSL.

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