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Stardew Valley Pearl Mermaid Show » Code and Instructions

Stardew Valley

The classic Stardew Valley Pearl Mermaid Show show is a star-studded show that remains popular in the dark market. You can get a Very Rare Secret pearl per player in each saved game.

Starry Heaven Show Mermaid Valley 

During the Stardew Valley Pearl, spent the 15th and 17th centuries, the night market comprised the wintertime. Throughout the docks, you could discover boats and merchants. They would give to you by water or promote you different products.

The night market is open daily from 5 pm to 2 pm. The Underwater Walk and the Starry Sky Valley mermaid boat close at 11 pm and 12:30 pm respectively.

 Mermaid Show Boat Stardew Valley Pearl 

The mermaid show boat offers its entertainment from 5 to 12:30 pm at the Night Market Festival. Whenever you enter this historic venue, a mermaid will appear with a theatrical performance. She usually acts for 1:40 hours, but you are able to leave when you feel satisfied with her performance.

If you don’t want to miss the show later on, you can stop time, giving you the opportunity to purchase more clams. After the show is completed, you can enjoy the clam shells in the boat to play musical notes. Play the right notes in the proper order to receive a specific secret pearl.

Siren Starry Sky Valley

Part of the Stellar Valley Mermaid Show scavenger hunt is a riddle that commands you to listen carefully to the shells in the order of (from left to right) 1-5-4-2-3 to get the pearl with this Stellar Valley Mermaid Show cheat code [15423]. You can only get a single pearl per player for each saved game. However, you can watch the show as often as you want.

About the Stars Valley Little Mermaid Show

The night market, held in the Stern Valley, is open from 15 to 17 winters. At the night market you can meet many traders on their boats on the shore. You can purchase them online, or request a boat to go and acquire them. The night market remains open from 17.00 to 14.00 hours. However, the siren hall and the submarine will close at 12.30 and 23.00.

Streets and storefronts that remain open after official ending of a nightlong event aren’t necessarily shops that are directly affected by the night market’s late-night hours. Compared to certain other festivals, you have to feed your pets during the nighttime of this particular carnival. These are the principal distinguishing aspects of nightlong carnivals as opposed to other events.

Extra map nuances change during a day of the market festival, such as adding another zone or placing loot there. Things including crates, for example, are added to the codes or there are hidden treasures. However, watching dead bodies, fish, or monsters is possible throughout the map.

The night market differs to other festivals because festivity lasts longer if you remain sociably engaged with attendees and friends. The night market festival is different than most other festivity events that keep operating all through the night because festival-goers who come away from a lot of time remain sociably engaged with one another in search queries of love.

Sirene boat

The siren show from the Mermaid Pavilion is available from 17:00 hrs to 12:30 hrs. Whenever you enter the Mermaid Boat Exhibition, you’ll be greeted by a carved scene. You can watch the performance of the siren for the full hour and 40 minutes in the game or you can leave at any time. You can even interrupt the timing of the tour to run an inventory.

When she’s finished with her occupation, you can clean up the bowls in the boat one by one to play tunes in the exact same method as the cut scene. Play these come shells in the right order 15423 Star Valley Mermaid Show Code from left to right to get a coveted rare Star Mermaid Show Mermaid Pearl.