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Start your Multi-services Business with Gojek Clone

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Allow your Multi-delivery service business to thrive with Gojek Clone App and encourage online booking.

The on-demand economy is booming. It has multiplied since the pandemic has hit. The masses across the globe are getting used to the On-Demand deliveries and services offered by the app like Gojek. The service providers, delivery drivers, as well as the app owners are raking in profits from all the side.

With Gojek Clone App, entrepreneurs can manage to establish their businesses in a short time.

The Need Of Launching Gojek Clone Script App Solution

The pandemic has created havoc across the world.

Many people haven’t known to operate the app. Not used to the technology, they find it challenging to order their daily essentials using the app. Gojek Clone App minimizes this gap – having a simple and basic interface, makes it easy for the customers even the ones who haven’t used the apps can quickly place their order.

Also, some people complained about downloading different apps for different needs. Well, Gojek minimizes all these hassles by offering 70+ On-Demand Delivery Services under single application. This itself explains the significance of Gojek Clone.

Whether it is taxi booking, grocery shopping, need medicines, set up an appointment with a beautician, need a babysitter, forgot your car keys, and more – all these and much more Gojek Clone App handles flawlessly.

It is a One app solution catering to a wide range of On-demand Services.

What Makes Gojek Clone The Right Choice For Businesses?

On-Demand Multi-Service App like Gojek is a white-label source code. This means it enables you with 100% customization. This New Gojek Clone App has out-of-the-box features that make it the most desirable app in the market today.

New Gojek Clone App comes with New Features as well as Advanced Level features like Responsive design, Multiple currency/language, Lifetime Licensed source code, Free Website for the app, Free upgrades, 24/7 Technical assistance, and Bug Support for over a year at no cost.

If you are planning to launch your On-Demand Multi-service App in developing countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, or anywhere globally – Gojek Clone is the right choice available.

Following are the highlights of how Gojek Clone makes the right choice for today’s market:

  • It offers 70+ On-Demand Multi-services on the go
  • Business owners can customize to offer a personalized shopping and ordering experience to their customers
  • The categories are neatly classified that makes it easy to choose based on location, ratings, work history, and pricing
  • The majority of the deliveries and services are offered on the same day
  • Gojek has a transparent process when it comes to payments and leveraging services
  • It takes out the hassles of planning anything since it offers on-demand services
  • The Gojek Clone App comes with a real-time tracking facility thus enabling the users to know about their orders/services/rides.

Classify The Important Features Of Customized On-demand app

Do a detailed study on demographics and target audience. As they are the people who will be using your Gojek Clone App.

The Gojek Clone should be aimed with an intention to resolve the day-to-day issues of the citizens. OnYour Gojek Clone App will be resolving the day-to-day problems of the citizens.

For instance, a working professional will be ordering house-cleaning, car-washing services, on-demand beautician services, grocery, and food deliveries.

With no time on hand to do the chores integrating the user-centric deliveries and services will immediately boost your business. As these professionals won’t mind paying extra at times when they are getting on-demand services.

Our Gojek Clone App comes integrated with new features – Classified as below:

On-Demand Taxi Booking Features

  • Restricted passengers limit
  • Face mask verifications
  • Safety ratings and reviews
  • Safety checklist
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Ride cancelation
  • Taxi fare calculations – 2 models

On-Demand Delivery & Other Services Features

  • Store wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Stores and Items name searching
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Voice instructions note for delivery drivers
  • Restaurants to upload their kitchen pictures
  • Order cancelation option for delivery drivers
  • Graphical status of the orders/rides to the users
  • OTP verification before starting the task

Gojek Clone App – Launch Your Business Quickly

Gojek Clone App is a ready-made solution. Thus, takes away the headache of hiring the resources such as app developers, designers, testing professionals, Analysts, content writers, etc.

Additionally, it will take a lot of time to develop and launch the app right from the scratch. The investment is huge and by the time your app is finalized and all set to launch there is new app technology introduced.

The process involves:

  • You take the live demo on both the platforms
  • If you like the demo you buy it
  • Once you confirm the app order, the development company will start with the white labeling process, changing it to your brand name
  • They put the logo, color theme, and other requisites specific to your brand.
  • Once you have approved, they move further by launching it in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

The entire process takes about 5-7 business days.

Furthermore, witnessing the encounters posed by the competitors the reputed White-label Gojek App Development company will have an NDA policy in place while doing the business.

NDA ensures that complete privacy will be maintained ensuring there will be no revelation of building apps for your business.

The agreement does not include the brand and company name or on their product portfolio page.

Hiring On-Demand Gojek Clone App Development Company

The Gojek Clone application is your best way to succeed in the current market situation.

Make the right choice by developing the app from a reputed Gojek Clone Development company in India. It should be a white label, providing you with 100% customization. Build on the scalable technology and new features, the app should be all set to launch in a week. Check for the client testimonials and Google ratings to make sure that you are hiring the right professionals for your Gojek App Development. All the best