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Start Your Own Franchise With An On-Demand Multi-Service Gojek Clone App


Local Brick-And-Mortar Stores suffered a hard time when the Pandemic closed all the Shutters on the Streets. People were locked inside, scared about catching the Contagious Coronavirus. That is when these Local Businesses Profit the most by Expanding their Franchise with the Gojek Clone App.


What is a Gojek Clone App? 

A Gojek Clone App acts as the ‘middleman.’ It brings together the Users and the Service Providers on one Platform wherein they can Request and Accept Services like Food Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, Taxi Booking, Services of a Beautician, etc.

This App can offer 70 Plus On-Demand Services to Users, which eliminates the need to Installing a hundred different Apps that satiates only One Demand at a time. Not only do Users get to easily avail these Services, but the App Owner also wins the deal by earning two to three-folds of Profits on Services. How? They Remunerate through Commission-Based Model and Subscription Plans.

How to expand your Franchise with an App Like Gojek?

To expand the Franchise through the App means the entire Staff at a Brick-And-Mortar Store can register themselves on the App. By doing so, each and every specialist or expert working there can render their Service Individually.

A window of opportunity like this designates a win-win situation for all three parties involved in the offering and providing the Services – The App Owner, the Service Providers, and the Users.

Here is a detailed example of how it works.

Ashley’s Style and Beauty is a Local Hair Salon in New York City. They Offer Six Exclusive Hair Styling Services under the Categories:

  • Color
  • Haircuts
  • Hair Extensions
  • Styling
  • Treatments
  • Bridal Updos

During the Pandemic, they had to force shut their Salon because as per the World Health Organization’s Guidelines and Government Regulations, many Countries had declared Nationwide Lockdown. So, the entire staff of 8 Hair Professionals Registered themselves on the On-Demand Multi-Service App. Now that the Market is slowly opening up, people are less apprehensive about stepping out with the Pandemic slowing down, they are enjoying the benefits of Starting a Franchise with the App.

Well, here is the aftermath:

For the Service Providers

All the Experts Registered on the App are now happily rendering their Services individually to the Users Requesting their Services. As a Salon Expert, besides offering their Services at the Salon, in their spare time, they can take up Online Bookings from the App. Implying; they now have Two Sources Of Income.

For the App Owner

With more Service Providers registered on their App, the Entrepreneurs have much more sources to generate Profits from. The App Owner can choose to have only one of the two Business Models – Commission-Based Model or Subscription Plan as per their convenience. But, in this scenario, the App Owner has chosen to follow a Commission-Based Model to render Multiple Services Online. Thus, this is how the App Owner generates income from Ashley’s Style and Beauty Service Providers.

A User Books Katy Miller for At-Home Bridal Makeup using Gojek Clone App that costs US$250. Plus the User will Pay her a Tax of 15% on UD$250, that is, US$37.5. Thus, the Total Amount that Katy will receive is US$287.5. Katy Pays ‘Commission’ to the App Owner per Service she renders through the App.

Following their Contractual Agreement that mentions that she has to Pay a Commission of 10% on every Bridal Service that she renders. So, now Katy is liable to Pay US$28.75 as Commission for this Service to the Entrepreneur.

Let’s take another example of Nancy Jones, the Haircut Expert at Ashley’s Style and Beauty. The App User Booked her for a Haircut including Shampoo & Blow-Dry that costs US$140, plus a Tax of 15% of US$140, that is, US$21. So, the total amount that Nancy gets paid via the In-App Wallet is US$161.

So, for Haircut Services, the App Owner has decided a Commission Rate of 8%. Now, as per the Contractual Agreement, Nancy has to pay a Commission of US$12.88 to the App Owner.

For Users

The Users won’t be able to see that these 8 Hair Professionals are from Ashley’s Style and Beauty and have a Franchise with the Gojek Clone. They will only be able to see their Name, their Profession/Specialty, read their Reviews, add a Review and Rate them.

The ‘good’ here for Users is that they can avail all the Hair Salon Services at Home without going to the Salon. This Service is best for Users who are still paranoid of contracting this lethal Virus by simply taking one step out of the house. They might fear that they might get in contact with the Virus as it is air-borne and it can survive on surfaces from 2 hours to 9 days, at large.


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