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Startup Workshop: How to sell your business idea to your customers


The new normal will be a world almost entirely different from how we know it. Of all the things that will have to evolve rapidly, customer experience is at the top of the list. Businesses should expect drastic changes in business models as a result of evolved customer behaviours and preferences. Once customers adapt to newer remote models, their expectations from businesses and brands will also change. These changes were already underway in the pre-Covid era, but have been sped up due to the global pandemic.


The coronavirus outbreak has been a lesson in how we have evolved to adapt to change. From virtual meetings to online classes to hiring cross-country employees, organisations and individuals have been living a completely new life since 2020.

Virtual Demo Day by TechFounders is a platform that brings together entrepreneurs from around the world to explore new innovations and ideas on growing trends and technologies. They shifted all their mentoring sessions online for entrepreneurs, with pilot projects continuing remotely. This was an obvious step taken to keep participants safe during the pandemic.

The event began with a quick welcome by Miki Yokoyama and Heiko Huber, the Managing Partners and event moderators of the event. The participating startups then pitched their business ideas via live stream to an audience of more than 400 people. These eight startups had made great progress despite the situation that was prevailing. Once the pitches and the questions from the viewers were wrapped up, the moderated talk commenced, led by Sebastian Matthes, Deputy Chief Editor and Head of Digital, Handelsblatt.

The guest of honour at the event was Andreas von Bechtolsheim, among the first investors Google ever had. Andreas shared his unique and insightful perspective on entrepreneurship, investments in businesses and the effect of the pandemic on entrepreneurs, in an exclusive video interview. This provided better insight into what his strategy was for starting new businesses and his thoughts and predictions for future technology trends.

It is important to know which technology is going to grow and how it will impact your business and others in the future. Let’s look at some trends that are predicted to grow in the near future.


Emerging Tech Trends in 2021


  1. Quantum Computers and Cyber Threats: Quantum computers are emerging more powerful than ever before, like Google’s first version of the quantum computer. However, as technologies advance, so will the threats of cyberattacks and hacking attempts. Businesses will have to work towards securing their data faster than a quantum computer can decode it. IBM, Microsoft and other IT giants have created new encryption methods to outperform quantum computers.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Businesses must prioritise integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their offerings to understand and reply to human emotions. As more companies want to connect personally with their customers, this makes for a powerful and effective business strategy. Examples of these technologies in use today are fitness trackers and wearables that use AI technology to understand a user’s state of mind. Amazon’s Halo does this particularly well.
  3. Ushering in Psychedelic Medicine: Pharmas and tech organisations are increasing the clinical research they are putting into the benefits and health effects of psychedelic medicines. One way to do this is by measuring brain activity under the influence of psychedelic drugs or during a psychedelic experience
  4. Digital Transformation of Malls: A shared virtual space that is commonly used by gamers – or for Ethereum-based Decentraland users – can change storefronts to digital malls. This will forever change how we go shopping and interact with businesses and people.


Startup accelerators and investors are all for online demo days today. If your business can share a glimpse of its offerings within a virtual space, your chances of getting investors will go up significantly.