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Step By Step Process To Set Up New Business In Dubai Free Zone

LLC Company Formation In Dubai

Dubai is considered a global business center. New entrepreneurs dream of setting up their business in the free zone. Being an economic center, Dubai offers with best growth opportunities for old and new entrepreneurs.

The process to get started with a new business set up in a free zone is easy today. There are benefits that you get when establishing your business in Dubai. Company setup Dubai is also beneficial because it requires entrepreneurs to submit minimum documents. The process is not time-consuming.

  • You have to decide the type of business you want to set up in Dubai
  • Entrepreneurs have to complete the process of registration and license obtaining
  • You are free to run your business online or offline in Dubai

The process of the business name and trademark approval is not time-consuming. You need to select the right approach and services that can help you with the entire process.

Legal entity aspects

Legal entity includes the process of deciding the type of business you want to set up. You always have the benefit of selecting a free zone in Dubai for business set up. You are free to decide the total number of shareholders you want to involve.

All types of the public sector, services, and private sector companies are welcomed in Dubai. You can also select to operate your business from a remote location.


Decide the amount of capital to invest

Before you set up the business, you have to work out your capital amount. This amount may vary depending on the type of business you want to set up. In general, the free zone does not require much investment as the capital amount.

You still have the advantage of lower taxation and documents. You can partner with local groups in Dubai to help finance your business as well. Private financial institutions are always willing to invest in new ideas.


Trade name selection

This factor mostly depends on the legal entity. Always make a selection of trade name wisely. You may have to verify the trade name with free zone authorities. It is important to register the trade name with the local authorities.

You can always refer to the local list of new and old trade names. The name has to be approved by the local business authorities.



License approval

To run your business successfully it is important to register the business with free zone authorities. The process of application is fixed. You have to follow local procedures. You have to disclose the business activity you shall be conducting.

You always have multiple licensing options in Dubai free zone. If you are concerned about how to start a business in Dubai you can consult local services. There are consultant services online and offline that help you with the entire procedure of setting up your business.


Select the best office space

Having an online business set up is possible, in the free zone, but you can also set up a local office in Dubai. You just have to provide the details of the office space you selected to operate your business. When running online, you still have to provide details of local partners.

The office space in Dubai free zone is not expensive. It is much cheaper as compared to other megacities. You have the advantage to conduct your business with global dealers. Dubai is the best place for importers and exporters.

Traders always prefer Dubai, as it has flexible trading rules.



The business has to be approved by the local authorities. If you have selected a free zone, then the business has to be legally registered with the authorities. You have to provide all documents. Certain requirements may vary from one business to another.

Go through the requirements for your business. You should have a complete business plan with you in advance before the approval procedure.


Shareholders declaration

For setting up your business in Dubai, you can have as many shareholders as possible. You just have to disclose the details of the shareholders at the time of registration. During this time you also have to disclose the capital amount invested by each shareholder.

Resolution submission is important. The entire process has to be completed legally. Free zone company setup in Dubai can be completed online. You have to hire the best company to set up services.


Visa process

The visa process is only possible if everything has been approved by the authorities. Once you have completed the process you will have to apply for a valid business visa. You have to submit all documents including a lease agreement.

You also have to submit a copy of the trade license. The process of visa application will only start if all documents are legal and complete. The local authorities are strict with the business documents.

It is always beneficial to get familiar with the entire process before you begin with the application process. If you are informed, the process will complete on time. You can check with the free zone for the type of business you can set up in Dubai.