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Styling your Kid: Do’s And Don’ts


Is it annoying for you to give your child a savvy look while going to a birthday party or a school function?

No worries, dressing up a cute little toddler and growing baby fond of wearing fashionable clothes is one of the most irritating experiences for every mom.  Fashion is not confined to adults. Just like elders, children also love to follow trends. Kids, the most difficult creature on Earth, with a very strong imagination, have lots and lots of demands. And they are very picky about their clothes. They dress up to be the center of attention. Libas e Jamila catering to the needs of young children and little toddlers launched special kids’ couture. This number one traditional clothing outlet has formal and casual kids Pakistani clothes. Fashionistas seeking childrens Pakistani clothes UK are welcomed here to have the best quality kids’ outfits as per the latest styles and trends.

Beautiful and funky attires at Libas e Jamila can give your child a stunning look. But, before choosing the dress, it is mandatory to check the dos and don’ts of styling your kids. It will help you to meet their requirements, minimize kids clothing expenses, and jazz up their looks as per their preferences

The Do’s Of Styling Your Kid

Quality over quantity

If you want your kid to look smart, you need to spend extra on quality. An amazing outfit with attractive accessories can give your child a fantastic look. It would be a great idea to opt for branded clothes and high-quality accessories.  Your child is going through an evolution and his/her size will change in near future. So rather than pilling up clothes, it is good to prefer quality over quantity. Few best quality outfits can make wonders when it comes to the stunning appearance of your child.

Involve Your Kids

Today, kids have the freedom to make choices for their clothes. It is a great idea to give them a chance to choose between the two colors or two outfits. You can ask them to choose from pre-selected items, depending on their age and level of understanding. Decision-making for their clothes at the initial stages will give a little boost to their confidence and make them satisfied with their looks and style.

Play With Colors

It is very important to play with colors and make combinations when styling your kid. Colors can make him/her more attractive and cute than ever before. With significant influences on attitude and behavior, colors make kids happy. Gender-specific colors like pink and red look good on girls, but they also give a funky smart look to boys. For kid clothing, let yourself and your child play with colors. Funky bright colors are just for kids making them look like fashionistas.

Style As Per Personality

Clothes and accessories are always good to add charm and glow-in looks. If you want the styling of your kid to make him stand out, then go for dresses that can best reflect his/her personality. Your child’s grace and cuteness lie in his personality. Either he/she is a bookworm or a sporty character, let them dress confidently and be the reflection of their individualistic side.

Comfort Is Important

Fashion is all about looking good and feeling comfortable. When it comes to styling your kid, comfort is the key. The most fashionable clothes would become useless if your child is not feeling comfortable in them. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure whatever they are wearing is not itching or ill-fitting. Ask them to run, sit, and make a jump to make sure if they are feeling relaxed with their funky looks.

The Don’t of Styling Your Kid

When following the above-mentioned styling tips, it’s really important to ponder over few tricks that you need to avoid. So, that your child can look his/her absolute best.

Don’t Overdress

Undoubtedly, traditional heavy clothes and accessories give children a cute and charming look at festivals. But, it is not easy for all kids to carry those heavy dresses with lots of accessories.

Don’t go for Tight or lose clothes

Don’t go for styling at the cost of comfort. If the child is infuriated in his/her dress, your whole styling efforts will go in vain.

Don’t buy without a try

Take him/her along when going to buy clothes or shoes for him/her. In this way, you will end up buying clothes or shoes that perfectly fit and matched their personalities.

Don’t Follow Grown Up Fashion

Kids are inspired by their family members and take note of styling from their elders. All fashion and styles are not suitable for kids. It’s better to avoid such clothes and accessories that can give them a grownup look.