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Successful B2b tech marketing in 2021

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The unparalleled pandemic that dominated the globe in the year 2020 wreaked havoc on a variety of aspects of our lives. B2B marketers or B2B Marketing services providing companies were forced to adapt during 2020, altering their targets, experimenting with new strategies, balancing perceptions, and modifying messaging to account for the world’s fragile state. 

More humanizing sounds, improved interactive events and webinars, stronger thought leadership on social media, and, of course, increased digitalization were among the solutions used by many.

We’re not going to go over all that happened this year because you’re already sick of hearing about it. Even the word “2020” seems to have a negative connotation and is now generally accepted as an adjective. The phrase, “My luck has been so 2020,” is one of the most famous. 

As a result, we’re going to confine this blog to analyzing the patterns for the 2021 year delighting B2B marketers. Here are a few B2B marketing tactics to help you earn more money in 2021 as we begin a new calendar year. 

So, how do we proceed from here?


Video Content

Consumer views and decisions are also heavily influenced by video content. Why would companies spend so much money on TV commercials that aren’t engaging? Video content, on the other hand, isn’t just for B2C sales strategies. 

Evidence is mounting that well-made video content that tells a compelling story through imagery has a long-term impact on B2B customers. According to a LinkedIn study conducted in the UK and Ireland in 2018, 62 percent of B2B advertisers preferred video content over other formats such as email and infographics.


Increasing Role Of AI

Artificial Intelligence will keep making inroads in B2B marketing, just as it has in every other field. AI can help you automate a variety of tasks, such as interacting with guests through chatbots, creating data-driven content, and scaling up your content outreach strategy. However, AI is expected to play the most important role in data analysis. 

Making sense of the massive amounts of data available to businesses will help them better understand their clients and make better decisions that are tailored to their needs. This upward trend is expected to continue.


Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Instead of targeting all prospective customers without considering their unique needs, advertisers must now get to know their existing consumers and tailor their outreach strategies to meet their specific needs and demands. This is what account-based marketing is all about: segmenting and researching your customers so you can market your product to only the people who matter.


Virtual events

Virtual events became the immediate replacement after Covid-19 shut down almost every conference and tradeshow in 2020 from March onwards. Virtual events are here to remain, regardless of what happens in the battle to end the pandemic. In 2021, their popularity is expected to rise, but they will also evolve to become more hybrid. 

By taking a cue from TV production and applying it to the virtual environment, this approach gives the format a broadcast quality. This means that to pull off successful virtual events, investment levels will need to be comparable to in-person levels.


Paid Online Marketing

Paid advertising and organic search are two sides of the same coin. And both add a slew of advantages to your marketing antics. Although organic search determines a brand’s reputation, confidence, and commitment, paid search ads are a fast and measurable way to outperform organic listings in Google SERPs and outperform rivals.

Paid searches are all about putting you in the spotlight, getting you all the attention you deserve, and sprucing up the leads you create. Furthermore, search ads earn twice as many clicks as organic listings, according to research.


Retention Marketing

In the startup marketing industry, retention marketing is an old practice that will remain to provide brands with unrivaled results in the future. Retention marketing is a set of strategies that results in increased marketing ROI and a lower cost per sale by keeping current customers.


Email Marketing plan:

Gone are the days when emails were considered long and boring pieces of content that were immediately discarded from your inbox. For B2B advertisers, emails are an engaging, coherent, and reliable distribution channel. Even 60 percent of B2B advertisers believe in its effectiveness, considering it a profitable revenue-generating outlet.



As the new year approaches, the pandemic’s complexities will continue to envelop us, but the progression of the above trends gives us hope for continued growth and recovery on the way to the new norm. Adopting digital transformation in 2021 would transform the business landscape and tip the scales in favor of B2B advertisers in the post-pandemic era. In general, 2021 will be the year when companies must invest in creating a full-fledged omnichannel digital presence or else hire the best B2B Marketing services providing agency.