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Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Here Are Top Heart Hospital in India You Can Visit


Due to a careless and unhealthy lifestyle, many people are facing acute and chronic heart diseases. The heart attacks cases for people in the middle age to high age group are on a sharp rise! These conditions are causing early deaths in seemingly young and healthy people. You need to visit a doctor in a good Heart Hospital in India for regular checkups and make sure your heart is healthy and strong. A sudden cardiac arrest is a dangerous condition of the heart. It is important to get regular checkups and maintain good habits to have a healthy heart and body. The doctors can help you find out more about your internal health. They can do checkups and let you know if there are any issues and warn you about them. They can help you improve your lifestyle and prevent heart attacks. Remember, prevention is better than cure! 

What is a Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a hazardous condition of the heart. During a sudden cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating properly all of a sudden, which causes the pumping of blood to stop. This leads to a lack of blood circulation in the body.  Sudden Cardiac Arrest is not similar to a Heart Attack. It is a lot more life-threatening. During a heart attack, there is a blockage of blood to the heart. But in a sudden cardiac arrest, the heart suffers from highly irregular breathing. This is a very serious condition, and everything happens very fast. The chance of survival for a patient suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest is very low, and most patients die. This is why it is important to rush a Sudden Cardiac Arrest Patient to the heart hospital in India as fast as possible. 

Causes and Signs of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest are mostly underlying problems. The main causes for it are 

  • Undiagnosed Coronary Disease
  • High-Stress Situations
  • Recovery from Heart Attacks 
  • Heart-Related Diseases 

The bystanders can easily notice a person suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and its effects are quite serious and visible. One of the most common and easily identifiable symptoms are a racing heartbeat, dizziness, chest or arm pain, and breathing difficulties. The person who is suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest will feel discomfort and will probably inform others. The patient should be provided with medical attention immediately, or they may die. 

Top Heart Hospitals in India

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest is a very sensitive heart condition with serious negative health effects. It is important to visit the Best Heart Hospital in India with the best medical equipment and facilities for proper diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Here are the top Heart Hospitals that you can visit for the betterment of your heart.

Max Healthcare – The Max Healthcare chains of Hospitals has the best doctors and cardiologists in the country at your service. They are available throughout the country and provide world-class facilities. This institution is great at dealing with many heart-related diseases, and the doctors are very experienced. 

Fortis Escort and Research Centre – Fortis is a renowned and prominent hospital and research centre for cardiac and heart-related conditions. They have really good equipment and services.

AIIMS Delhi – AIIMS is a government institution with some of the country’s best Cardiologists and excellent services.

Sree Chitra Institute of Cardiology in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala- This is another top hospital for heart-related health conditions specialising in Cardiovascular diseases.

Prevention and Treatment Treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest. 

The best way to avoid a Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the prevention of the disease. You should avoid eating high cholesterol-rich fatty foods. You should also quit unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, sweet beverages, and smoking. You also try meditation to reduce mental stress. Keeping your hypertension levels low is very helpful. Including some exercise in your daily routine is a must to keep heart diseases like Sudden Cardiac Arrest away. 

The treatment of this condition includes diagnosing any underlying diseases. In cases of emergency, the only treatment is a defibrillator. A highly skilled and efficient doctor can use this equipment which uses electric shock to improve the rhythmic beating of the heart.  


The heart is an essential organ of our body. Your heart’s health should always be your top priority, and it should never be taken lightly. A Sudden Cardiac Arrest requires utmost attention from the doctors, and it is crucial to choose the cardiologists and the hospital carefully with much research. The Hospital must be renowned, are available throughout the country in many states, and have all the proper facilities and equipment, like Max Healthcare.