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Swimming pool water leakage and maintenance services


Evaporation & Water Wastage

Swimming pools are fantastic for having fun, exercising, relaxing, and surviving the summer heat, but they waste much water. The average swimming pool in Dubai loses 1-3 percent of its water each week due to evaporation, and this is without any water leaks. One inch of water lost in an average-sized pool is equivalent to 2,000 liters. As we all know, water is a finite natural resource, and preserving it as much as possible is a global effort. As a result, we thought we would provide some suggestions and information on keeping your swimming pool in good working order, decreasing the chance of wasted water, time and money.

When considering evaporation ensure that your pool is properly covered when not in use. Use of pool covers can help reduce evaporation wastage of water. Trying to encourage children to avoid splashing each other is an impossible task; this still causes water to leave the pool.

Swimming Pools in Dubai

A small number mainly maintains the swimming pool in Dubai due to the abundance of beaches, most hotels demand paid membership to use their amenities. It is highly typical for Dubai residents to have a swimming pool on their property or inside their communities. With the oppressively hot summers that afflict the UAE, having a way to cool off is critical.

Water Level Monitoring and Checking For Leakages

However, the critical aspect is for you to regularly inspect and monitor your pool for leaks and more extensive water problems. A large amount of the pipework for the collection will be underground, so it’s essential to identify any wet patios or pave and soggy grass patches or flower beds. This could indicate an area where water regularly congregates, indicating an underground problem. The more common types of swimming pool leaks include:

  • Conduit pipes leakages, perhaps due to erosion, cracks, or poor workmanship.
  • A tear or hole in the vinyl liner, or a crack in the shell, which may be composed of fiberglass or gunite, are examples of difficulties with swimming pool surfaces. Cracks will not only cause regular amounts of water to leak into the surrounding grounds, but there is also the chance of algae and other germs entering the cracks, making the water contaminated and posing a health risk.
  • It’s possible that the plastic skimmer became removed from the pool and will need to be repaired.
  • The swimming pool’s pump is operating properly and appropriately is critical. If the pump is leaking, water will be visible on the floor and surrounding area. Ensue that you buy suitable swimming pool equipment in Dubai and it is upto required specifications will ensure they have long service life.

The criteria mentioned above are based on the same basic principle: the more water that leaves your pool, the more water you must put back in. To put it another way, the more water you keep in your swimming pool, the less water you’ll need to replenish it. Swimming Pool owners must be encouraged to consider the financial expenses of water leaks and the incalculable cost of wasting a natural resource that the planet needs to thrive.

Swimming Pool Repair & Maintenance

Over time, swimming pools degrade. They are subjected to much traffic in humid weather, particularly in places like the United Arab Emirates and the elements all year. If you don’t take care of your pool, it will most certainly deteriorate even faster. Regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure that any issues are identified before they become serious. Pool Masters is one of the best swimming pool contractors in UAE, with a team of highly qualified professionals who know how to keep your pool in top shape. We can supply the equipment, service, and support you need to manage a pool at a health club or a private residence. The pool management technique we utilize in Dubai aids us in identifying potential issues with your pool and pool equipment.

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