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Switch Up Your Routine With A Skulpt Fitness Tracker

Switch Up Your Routine With A Skulpt Fitness Tracker
Switch Up Your Routine With A Skulpt Fitness Tracker

With the change of seasons; the cooler temperatures; and the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 PM can sometimes be a really hard time of year to stay motivated when it comes to our health and fitness.

And with the added stress that we put on ourselves during the holidays, it is another whammy that can wreak havoc on our lives.

I believe we have choices when it comes to situations like this…

We can either moan and groan and do nothing except moan and groan (which I find annoying) or we can challenge ourselves and get motivation from other places.

I think we should go with option 2, because who wants to be around cranky people this time of year.

We all have our stuff to deal with daily, so stop making excuses.

You deserve to be a happy and healthy day in and day out.

You are the one in control of that, so invest some time and money in YOU and do what makes YOU feel your best.

You should be glowing inside and out as we roll into the holidays!

Here are a few of my ideas and ones that I have followed and seen success:

1. Change things up:

As you all know, I love my new membership at The Westmoor Club.

After doing so much running and at-home workouts, I have changed up my routine and I could not be happier.

It feels good to be using machines and dumbbells again. It feels good getting my butt kicked in Spin class.

And it feels good to already notice some strength gains from taking a Booty Barre class weekly.

Yes, you heard me correctly…a Booty Barre class and I LOVE it.

I have no rhythm, but my teacher ROCKS and it is fun and it makes me smile as I am dripping sweat.

2. Grab a friend:

I am always working out alone and I typically do not like to work out with anyone, when I am lifting weights or running.

But for classes and long walks, it is always nice to have a friend by your side.

It makes the time go by faster; you get to catch up; you get to help each other, and it is just FUN.

So the next time you head to your favorite class, call a friend and tell them to join you.

I promise you will both be smiling at the end!

3. Invest in a fitness tracker:

Let’s face it when it comes to our health and fitness  we can sometimes be “know it alls” and a little stubborn.

But when you are not seeing the results that you want, sometimes you have to do the research; ask for help; and invest in YOU and that means financially.

I complain too about spending money on gadgets, but I have done it before and honestly never regretted it.

You can learn so much, that you did not know before. Being able to track your progress; seeing your gains; getting confirmation that the hard work is paying off…

All of that information is AWESOME stuff!