Home General Take a look at some clever wooden shoe rack designs for home

Take a look at some clever wooden shoe rack designs for home

Take a look at some clever wooden shoe rack designs for home
Take a look at some clever wooden shoe rack designs for home

Not happy that your shoes are randomly lying on the floor when you get back home from the office? Fret not; you can now keep your shoes in control with these clever and smart wooden shoe rack designs for home. Every house requires a trendy and dedicated space to stack up the shoes. The best wooden shoe rack is the one that offers convenience, elegance, and comfort.

  • Contemporary Wooden Shoe Rack Design

This is a fun and functional wooden cabinet with can be fitted anywhere without taking up to much space. You can easily keep your heels, sneakers, and other pairs of shoes in the ample space offered by this cabinet. The drawer here allows you to stack the frequently used items like socks, dust cloth, shoe accessories, and other essential items. The cabinet can be shut so that your footwear isn’t visible to others and the shoe odor is locked in.

  • Modern Open Boxed Shoe Rack With Frame Mirror

It is perfect for the ones who are always running late. This is a perfect piece that can fit in your foyer area. This design comes with a mix of open boxes so that you can store your daily wear shoes and still have enough space to keep your party wear shoes. You can even keep your laptop bag and other handbags on the top of this rack.

  • Wall-mounted wooden shoe rack

These are quite similar to the regular shoe rack. These are designed in such a way that they are mounted on walls and do not come with an enclosure or a cabinet structure. These types of shoe racks can hold more pairs of shoes than the regular ones.

  • Wooden Shoe Rack For Houses With Easy Exits

This is one of the most popular wooden shoe rack designs for home that have quick exits. This is comfortable for those people who have a habit of wearing their shoes at the last moment. These racks can hold up to six pairs of shoes easily. You can also add a simple settee near this shoe rack where you can sit and wear your shoes comfortably. You can even add a utility hook to hold coats, jackets, and hats.

  • Multipurpose Wooden Shoe Rack Design

This design is best suited for bachelor and nuclear families. It is designed for easy access and convenience. It is considered a practical storage idea. It also offers additional space to hand umbrellas, coats, bags, and other essentials. It is also considered a clever choice for small homes that have less wardrobe space.

  • Shoe Racks for Corners

Many people wish to hide their shoe racks from the eyes of their guests. If you are of the same mindset, you can go for this particular shoe rack. This corner shoe rack can hide behind any wall or can be placed in the corner of any room. It is a long shoe rack that occupies less space. It can be painted in any color to match the shade of your room. You can get this piece from any wooden furniture shop in your locality.

  • An Open Display Shoe Rack

This design is perfect for those who own expensive pairs of shoes and want to flaunt their shoe collection. This rack can easily form a part of the walk-in closet or your dressing room. This design can be customized according to the number of shoes you own and the space in your room. This concept is often referred to as a glamorous wooden shoe rack because it allows you to showcase your shoes in symmetry and style. It also complements the vibe of your wardrobe and alongside offers a practical storage solution.

  • Pipe-shaped Shoe Rack

It is one of the most common and budget-friendly shoe racks. If you are staying somewhere temporarily and still want to keep your shoes in one dedicated space, you can invest in this shoe rack. It can be moved to any corner and is travel friendly too.

  • Wooden Shoe Rack with A Settee

This is a compact shoe rack that is designed for your entrance and foyer area. This is topped with a seating option where you can sit and easily tie your laces. It can easily hold 6 to 7 pairs of your daily pairs of shoes.

The best wooden shoe rack designs for home are the ones that can systematically hold your belongings in place. Having a separate area to stack your shoes allows you to enjoy a clutter-free space in your home. You can give your favorite heels and sliders a permanent home to stay and breathe if you invest in a good shoe rack. Other than this, a shoe rack also helps you to maintain cleanliness in your home.