Home Review Talk of the Town: fileconverter.digital! One Site for All Your Conversion Needs!

Talk of the Town: fileconverter.digital! One Site for All Your Conversion Needs!

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Why do File Converters even exist:

Life throws all sorts of lemons, oranges or even tomatoes at you. One of those challenges take the shape of unfavoured file formats and come into your life to destroy your workflow, momentum and motivation. While this dramatic problem is nowhere as serious as the likes of world hunger and malaria, this certainly anchors your productivity and spree down in the vast and treacherous ocean of procrastination and laziness. Now you may not be aspiring to be a productivity guru like Thomas Frank or Ali Abdaal, you will still most definitely appreciate the presence of a high quality file converter integrated into your flow, which may not enhance your speed and output as much, but will certainly stop it from deteriorating or slowing down. Over both the long and short run of time, your work hours and mental health will thank you for taking some time out to find a proper file conversion website that suits your particular needs and workflow.

At times, the file that you need to work on, is not in the usable and preferred format when you receive it from your employer, colleague, friend or partner. In this situation, a file converter that can do an efficient job of converting that file format into your desired one efficiently is your best friend.

However, in today’s world, there are an overwhelmingly uncountable number of file formats that exist, especially for people like you or me that don’t care about unpopular and useless ones either. This makes the suitability of your file converter even more important, because you need it to support conversion between your preferred and received formats most importantly. It must compliment your workflow, very important.

It’s time-consuming, it seems kinda useless, it seems geeky, but trust me, do the research and find the file converter for you.

Fine, I hear you, you are too lazy to do that research, and you want the results delivered to you on your screen while you don’t move off your couch. Luckily for you, I did the research, and my results are highly accurate and surprising. What I basically did was set a criteria that would define a quality and suitable file converter for most people, according to it’s features and usability. Then I weighed every contestant file converter against that criteria, and the result was very unexpected.

The main criteria is given below:

  • Cheap/free

As little as the file converter costs, the better. No one really has top bucks to spare for all the bells and whistles that the so called “premium tools” offer.

  • Size limits

The larger files that the file converter allows us to convert, the better for our time management, the more praises the file converter gets. Simple as all things should be. The popular file converters have this incredibly annoying habit of placing narrow limits on the size of allowed files, decreasing the usability and user-experience for their prized website/tool.

  • Frequency of conversions possible

Another supremely annoying thing about most of the file converters out there, is not allowing multiple conversions in short periods of time, making you waste your time and come back to the website needlessly often. This is a staple occurence in almost all the popular file converters out there, and is awfully wasteful of your time.

  • Lossless conversion

If you are undergoing the hassle of converting the format version of your file, you obviously find the file important. You most definitely don’t want any decrease in the quality of the file that is converted. Only a fair few converters offer a feature called lossless conversion,which effectively preserves the quality of your file, both in the uploaded format and the product format that is essentially converted.

And the winner is…


This file converter was 100% successful against every single point in our set criteria, and then some! It really is proving itself in the file conversion market, and gaining users and fans exponentially. Incredibly still, with all the sleek features and great user-experience, the entire website, with all it’s usability, is 100% free, yes! It really is incredible. However, as the tool has exploded onto the scene recently and is clawing ground on the alpha’s of the market, like zamzar or converit, we certainly are keeping our fingers crossed that the incredible developers do not limit the free version down narrowly and create a premium edition instead, which will be quite disappointing.’

You should definitely not just take my word for it, go to fileconverter.digital right now and check the entire website out for yourself!