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Technology, relationships and society

relationships and society

The technological progress seen in recent years is an undeniable fact. In the last decade, the use of technology has gone from being the preserve of the few to being as popular as possible, which is a very positive development. 

After all, taking advantage of the benefits offered by technology is indispensable for saving time, shortening distances, keeping informed, learning new things and being in touch with loved ones.

In this sense, it has not only changed the concept, but also the way people experience relationships. This whole process of constant exposure to information has its price, and when it comes to relationships, which in itself is already a lot to manage, it can be costly in the end.

Somewhat paradoxically, mobile phones can bring those who are far away closer, but on the other hand, they can distance those who are nearby. A survey revealed that 80% of couples have had a fight at some point over technology. 

And it’s not surprising since, in fact, the online possibilities are many. From sharing photos on social media, dating apps or accessing adult content from Leeds escorts often even free on the internet. 

It is no longer necessary to spend as much of your time or be lucky to meet more people, just create a profile, add some photos and you’re almost there! Nowadays, more and more people are embracing this trend and using technology to make even dating easier.

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The use of technology: an ally or a nuisance?

Couples want a meaningful bond of affection and reciprocity between them, yet mobile devices are often overtaking the face-to-face. It is not unusual to see a couple in a bar, for example, with one waiting in silence while the other checks their notifications and answers a few messages. Some people even complain that they receive less attention than the smartphone from their partner. 

And although it is often not verbalised, these small details can accumulate and lead to arguments and even, in some cases, the total breakdown of the relationship.

This situation is so common nowadays that it has even been given a name, Phubbing, a combination of the words phone and snubbing. It refers to when a person ignores others around him or her because of the use of a mobile phone. 

However, those who think that it is necessary to isolate oneself digitally in order to avoid relationship problems are wrong. It is a matter of moderation, balance and respect for the person in front of you.

When integrated into relationships, technology can help a lot. Messages, photos, a phone call or an audio recording to the loved one are a good way to remind them that one cares about them throughout the day.

The same goes for exploring sexuality. Exchanging racy messages before getting home to turn the other person on, sending a photo of the new lingerie, or even having virtual sex when at a distance. For the most daring couples, they can even invite a sexy independent escort from Melbourne to spice things up.

When it comes to social networks, it is also advisable to speak clearly and set limits. Agreeing beforehand what kind of information about the couple will be published is a way of respecting individual privacy and showing the partner that his or her opinion on the subject is valid. 

It is also important to clarify issues such as the sharing of mobile phone passwords or chats and likes with other people. After all, each person is unique and their way of relating digitally or personally is different. Therefore, in order to avoid jealousy crises over silly details, a clear conversation plays a crucial role in this respect.

After all, mobile use is fundamental for everyone nowadays, so there is no reason to ban or cut it off. However, in order to preserve relationships and romantic life, it is essential to pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects. A bit of empathy for the other person and not doing what one would not want to experience is a way to achieve happier relationships and, consequently, a healthier society.