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Tell Your Pet Sitter These Things Before Going For Holidays


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Are you going out of town for the holidays, and have you hired a pet sitter to take care of your pets? Before you head out of town, you need to know some important things about your pets’ care. Keep reading this guide to learn more.

Hiring a trusted professional for your dog or cat is beneficial when you are not at your home. But a professional can give their best to your pets if they know all the crucial things like what they do in an emergency and what to feed your pet if the pets are on a special diet also, if your dog is like a medicating dog in Ottawa, then how to give medications.

After all, this article includes a list of the most important things you need to tell your pet sitter. Don’t forget to tell these things to your pet sitter.

Let your pet sitter know how they can reach you or your veterinarian

When you plan to go outside of town for any purpose, you may think of hiring a pet sitter. But hiring a professional pet care worker works best when they know how to reach you or your veterinarian doctor. It helps them to contact you or an emergency hospital when they need it. Moreover, if you don’t want to leave your pets like dogs or cats at home when you are outside, you can carry them to the new location by hiring a pet shipping in Ottawa or your area.

Let your pet sitter know how to handle an emergency

Emergencies can come to us anytime and anywhere. Here is your pet sitter, and you should be fully prepared for that. If an emergency comes to your pet in the care of a pet sitter, then what should they do? Can they make medical decisions on your behalf? For example, if you have a medicating dog in Ottawa and feel uncomfortable after taking medications, can a pet sitter take them to the hospital?

Your expectation from a pet sitter

There is no issue if you hire a pet sitter who has already served your pets and knows how to care for them. But if you are hiring a pet sitter for the first time or a new one, you need to tell them the everyday care routine. Do you want your pet sitter to stay at your home or visit once or twice a day? After all, you eliminate all these hassles by hiring a pet shipping service in Ottawa and carrying your pets with you.

Giving medication

If your pets are on special medications, you need to let your pet sitter know about it. The medications can be about anything from disease management, flea control to nutritional supplements. Some treatments are not difficult to provide, like mixing something with food. But if your pets require insulin or an inhaler, you need confirmation from your pet sitter whether they are experienced in it or not. After all, if you have medicating dogs in Ottawa, hire a trained professional.

What to feed

Tell your sitter properly about what your pets eat. If your pets, like dogs or cats, have specific needs due to allergies, your pet sitter should be aware of such things. If the doctor has prescribed some special or modified diet, you need to arrange them before leaving the town. Also, it would help if you met the sitter to describe all your pets’ special needs. If you think your pets should go with you and you can care for them, all you need is pet shipping in Ottawa or your area.

The house rules

It is also important to let your pet sitter know about your pet’s behavior. Should the cat go outside? Can pets eat anything they want? Is jumping or barking ok with your dogs? These are some behaviors your pet sitter should know. If your pets do anything different from that, the sitter can easily understand something wrong.

How to bond with pets

A bond is important between the pet sitter and your pets. It lets the professional provide the best service. So, before you go anywhere, you should say something about the personality and preferences of your pets.