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The 4 Most Common Home Inspection Problems Found

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Professional home inspectors visit countless homes every year, and depending on the location; they may detect carious problems in homes. However, regardless of the areas they work in, there are a few common problems that almost every home inspector finds during a home inspection Cleveland OH. Here we’ll dive into a few common issues that professional home inspectors recognize so that you can have a clue of what to expect when you get your home inspected.

Home Inspection Cleveland OH To Detect Faulty Wiring

As long as your home has power, everything is alright, no? Absolutely wrong; perhaps this is the only reason energy issues usually go overlooked. Certified inspectors will flag outdated knob, tube wiring, worn-out wires, exposed wiring, overloaded circuits, all of which can be hazardous. In order to meet the contemporary standards, you need to update the outdated systems, which can cost you a staggering amount if left unnoticed now. You will have to fix promptly faulty or missing GFCI outlets because they are mandatory in all garages, bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and places where a water source is present.

Structural Problems

Buying a new house is a lifetime investment, and everyone fears purchasing a property with structural issues that make it dilapidated. Although structural problems don’t arise every day, it’s something that professional home inspectors find now and then. Not only home inspection but radon testing services in Cleveland OH are also necessary because a property where the air is full of radon gas can cause respiratory problems to you and your family. These are problems that can cost you thousands of bucks over the years and can be highly hazardous to your health.

Older And Damaged Roofs

Perhaps this is one of the most common home inspection Cleveland OH problems cited by professional inspectors. Typically asphalt shingle roofs last only for fifteen to twenty years, while timber roofs are usually near the end of their lifecycles. Moreover, roof leaks caused by damaged or outdated shingles or incorrect flashing are a commonly found problem. It won’t be hard or costly to fix damaged shingles and tiles and fill the roofing gaps. However, if left overlooked for a long time, these minor problems can turn into costly significant roof repairs down the road.

Problematic Gutters

While not as expensive as many other issues, damaged, clogged, bent, broken, or missing gutters are problematic. When some sections of gutters in a house don’t work as they should, water won’t channel away from home properly. That is a significant problem that can cause extensive property damage. In order to evade water penetration ins a house, water should always drain away. If there are no downspouts or gutters present in a home, installing them will help you minimize or avoid drainage issues.

It’s highly recommended to get a property inspected by professionals before you officially purchase it. And what better way than to hire the high-quality services of Detailed Home Inspections. Our professional team can also provide you with radon testing services in Cleveland OH, to ensure your and your family’s wellbeing. Therefore, be a responsible folk, pick up your phone and call us today!