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The 6 Biggest Wedding Flower Trends


Wedding flower trends are growing and changing with every passing day, just like you see with fashion styles. If your wedding day is coming near, and you want your bridal dried flower bouquet to be nothing short of excellent, continue reading to learn about the most popular flower trends.
Ultra Violet
Any colour that comes out as Pantone colour of the year is the biggest sign of what will become the hot trend in the coming weddings. For instance, Greenery was the choice of 2017, and we saw a huge influx of brides opting for Greenery in their weddings. Similarly, in 2018, ultraviolet won the Pantone colour of the year, and the dark colour became the theme of almost all weddings. Ever since ultraviolet has remained the talk of the town. The glamourous shade fits beautifully with a plethora of flowers, which includes hydrangeas, orchids, and even roses. If you’re looking for trendy purple wedding flowers, you’ll definitely have a rich profusion of choices.
Rose gold may have remained the top trend for wedding themes, but it was replaced by copper by the end of 2018. The bronze colour of copper brings great warmth and a touch of luxe to designs in weddings. Summer weddings are the right setting for this colour. You can also pair copper with several others to make a sophisticated theme. For instance, combining it with crisp white will surely create a super stylish look.
Living Walls
Living walls have become a top wedding trend in recent years. Wedding planners and renowned florists have started to use various colours in the living walls. We believe a living wall filled with strong coloured flowers is highly impactful, as it provides a brilliant backdrop for photos, cakes, gift tables, and much more.
Brides Wearing Their Wedding Flowers
You must have seen flower crowns gaining a great surge in popularity in the past decade. However, in recent years, brides have started to wear flowers in place of traditional wedding jewellery instead of only putting them on their hair. There are a lot of brides wearing floral necklaces, tiaras, and cuffs in their weddings, and they look absolutely stunning1
Single Colour
As the trends and patterns have been evolving, people are inclining more towards single colour for floral arrangements. There’s no doubt that using a single colour creates great intensity and sharpness, all while putting emphasis on the beauty of the particular flower. You can either pick a sea of blue, a bouquet filled with pure white, or a blanket of purple tones. Whatever you choose, the solo colour palettes are sure to look amazing on you.
Darling Dahlias
Dahlia has slowly but surely made its place in the wedding flower arrangements, replacing many renowned flowers. Dahlia was labelled as an old-fashioned flower some years ago, but it has grown into prominence in the past few years, taking the top spot on the wish list of many brides-to-be. This superb showy bloom can be found in a rich profusion of colours. However, these seasoned flowers will only be available at certain times of the year. May to November is the time when you can expect fresh dahlias.
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