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THE 9 BEST Things To Do In Canterbury – 2021


Westgate Gardens follows the River Stour through Canterbury’s stunning scenery, with four separate landscape areas providing a stunning green facility strip. There’s plenty for anyone who wants to enjoy the charm of this historical neighbourhood, with riverside paths, lush parks, a children’s playground, and a picnic area. Westgate Gardens is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon relaxing in a serene atmosphere with various nature and water meadows.

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Canterbury Historic River Tours

Canterbury Historic River Tours provides you with the chance to learn about Canterbury’s vibrant and fascinating past while enjoying the stunning views the city has to offer.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral is the hub of the local priest and is a warm place of grace and divinity. The majestic structure is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it provides a safe and harmonious atmosphere. The cathedral has its choir as well.

Howletts Wild Animal Park

For families looking for an adventurous day out, Howletts Wild Animal Park is the ideal tourist spot. The park promises incredible exposure with its varied species, including lions, snow leopards, gorillas, and the UK’s largest elephant herd. Are you and your children willing to take on a challenge? Then try your hand at the Treetop and Animal Adventure Competitions at the park.

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge

The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge in the centre of historical Canterbury has a lot to give with its archive, art gallery, library, and cafe. It is sure to inspire you with its beautiful architecture and its variety of learning facilities and exhibits, designed in the late 1800s. Get a Canterbury taxi and explore it completely!

Cultural Tour Of Canterbury

Having a cultural tour of Canterbury would encourage you to find out more about the ancient city’s rich cultural heritage. Explore the Stour River, various tombs and churches, the cathedral’s stained glass windows from the 12th and 13th centuries, and many more. If you want to get a glimpse of what it was like in this busy city, a walking tour is perfect.

Wildwood Trust

This is the spot to go if you like nature and animals. About 200 native species call Wildwood Trust home, which covers 40 acres (16 ha) of ancient woodland. Prepare to see bears, wild boar, deer, foxes, and beavers, among other species native to the United Kingdom.

Children can enjoy educational paths and a beautiful adventure playground, as well as a picnic area and a cafe. Children will have fantastic exposure thanks to educational pathways and a beautiful adventure playground. At the same time, adults will be able to refresh their energy levels thanks to a picnic spot, a cafe, and a store.

Canterbury Norman Castle

Established in 1070, Canterbury Norman Castle is a majestic landmark with fantastic scenery of the capital. It consists of a roofless shell covered by a peaceful garden and lush vegetation. This is the place to go if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

St. Augustine’s Abbey

Canterbury is overflowing with historical structures, and St. Augustine’s Abbey is one of the most important spots. It was founded in 598 and served as Kent’s only major religious house for a long time. You may still tour the abbey as a place of worship or wander about the grounds, which have been restored and expanded several times over the years. Archbishops from the past have also been buried here.

Blean Woods Nature Reserve

Blean Woods is situated on the outskirts of the city, but it is well worth the journey. It is one of England’s ancient woodlands, with over 120 miles (193 kilometres) of walking trails, as well as hiking and horseback riding trails. Observe several rare plants, insects, and other wildlife animals. If you get hungry after a long day of cycling, the Royal Oak pub is close by.

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