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The advantages and disadvantages of information technology on education


It is inevitable that information technology has taken a course in the education system in the last decade. The integration of IT in the education sector has whole lots of advantages and disadvantages. As much as information technology seem to have more positive impacts, the negative impacts cannot be sidelined.

The use of information technology by teachers to teach and by learners to learn including homework writing masquerades to curriculum effectiveness. The advantages of information technology on education includes the following;

  1. Interesting and motivates the learner

The use of phones, computers, and tablets for data and information search is interesting. The learner is always eager to learn broad information in the simplest way from the Internet.

It is interesting for the teachers as they engage students in information search on the Internet. With information technology integration in education, learners are not just on the receiving end for information.

  1. Renders learning unlimited

Information technology enhances the availability of bulk information. There is always something new that lands on SEO almost per single tick of time.

The Internet avails information from different sites about a single topic. This enables learners to get broad information and understand the different perspectives.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

The initial cost of acquisition of modern technology gadgets can be expensive. However, the use of information technology in the course of learning is cheap.

In the culture of pure books, a learner needs a heap of textbooks and writing material for every grade. With modern technology, a single gadget can serve access to the Internet for data and information in the whole education lifetime.

  1. Information technology enhances active learning

Information technology helps the learner to access relevant information. This in turn broadens the learner’s perception of the topic at hand. It also enables the learner to express the knowledge in different dimensions.

  1. Allows learning of important skills

Information technology gives room for the teaching and learning of new skills. The learner can use the Internet to learn how to do thrilling research papers, acquire projects and proposal writing skills.

  1. Reduces the bulkiness of learning materials

Carrying a lot of books, going to the library, and pulling a series of books to search for information has become a nerve aching process. Information technology has reduced the pressure by availing data and information from a single source.

Submitting incomplete assignments by learners has no excuse. Online writing sites that help with assignments are all over the Internet. They offer essay writing services, projects, and proposal writing guidelines, processes, and formats.

  1. Time-saving

The use of the internet to search for data and information saves time for the learner. This is unlike a visit to the library to retrieve a whole shelf of books in search of information which is time-consuming.

With information technology in education, access to the internet for quick answers and references to specific books simplify things.

Disadvantages of information technology on education

  1. Unreliable information

With information technology, anybody can upload data and information that is based on their perceptions. The information may not necessarily be right. Access to such data and information can mislead learners.

  1. Threatens the culture of books

Information technology enables the availability and accessibility of data and information on the internet. Digital textbooks are not limited to the internet either. This is a threat to the tradition of using books to learn.

Learners retrieve data and information from the internet and write notes on word processors. The use of books, therefore, has no place in the learning process.

  1. Prone to misuse

The learners and the teachers use the Internet to do the process. As long as the information is available on Internet, the learners do not take time to try to recall what they have learned. They always rush for the aid of the Internet.

This may affect the recall ability of the learners. The teachers on the other hand do not bother explaining things in detail. Instead, they will give links and references to internet searches.

  1. Not affordable to all

Access to information technology by all learners may be limited by affordability. The initial cost of buying computers, phones, and tablets is high. Learners from families with low income may not afford and thus left behind in the use of IT in learning

  1. Gives room for cheating

With the integration of information technology in education, learners can always access the internet for answers to quizzes. This masquerades to difficulty in gauging the actual learner’s progress.


These advantages and disadvantages of information technology in the education system show that teachers and learners can be effective in their roles. If the cons of IT are managed effectively, information technology can bear big results in education.

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