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The Best Electric Shaver for both Face and Body in 2021

butterfly kiss shaver for women
butterfly kiss shaver for women

Do you ever think of strike down two birds with a single bullet in terms of shaving face and body? But yes, now in the market there are multiple tools available where one should no need to buy separate tools as per every single need—many women have seen these days use the same face electric shaver for body shave. As a beauty and fitness tips blogger, we don’t suggest that women should use single tool for different body parts. Each body part of the woman has a different skin and hair profile and using the same product can’t deliver the desired satisfaction.

It is genuinely so hard to find the best electric shaver for face and body that will work great for both profiles.  But don’t worry, here we going to introduce a fantastic product of “Skullshavers” brand.

The brand offers the best electric shaver for women to get the best option for both face and body shave. The team of the company is highly dedicated to target diverse and sophisticated areas having a new line of production.

butterfly kiss shaver
butterfly kiss shaver

Interesting tech feature of the product

Three head Approach

There are two types of electric shavers available in the market as per the mechanism: – Foil shaver and Rotary shaver. To pick the right one, we measure various parameters that follow face contours and shapes. The skull shaver’s product works on a rotary motion mechanism with 3 headed blades to get an efficient and comfortable shaving experience. The beauty of the product is that it delivers the finest and closest shave even hard to reach areas of the body.

Ergonomic Designs

This product feature provides a comfortable hold with ease to use the way you want to shave. The ergonomic design of an electric shaver gives proper grip to your palm and fingers so that you can easily glide the shaver over your face and body.


The product comes in both corded and cordless variants having a durable battery of Lithium-ion with long backups. It is an effective product who travels frequently as per their needs.

No prepping

Skull shaver can deliver the same perfect experience in both dry and wet shave. Even it works with or without foam gel for users.