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The Best Stamping Manufacturer For Your Business


Metal stamping is a multibillion-dollar global industry. You will find various types of metal stamping manufacturers, varying in their tools and technology, team size, experience with the industry, secondary services offered and overall organizational capabilities. 

Precision metal stamping is the process of pressing or stamping a raw sheet material (mostly metal) to create components of different shapes and sizes. These metal sheets are put through a stamping press fitting with various die stamping tools. A series of different operations are performed on these sheets, scrap metal is removed and at the end of the process, the metal sheet is transformed into a predefined shape. This final component is then mass-produced and becomes a part of a larger product in most cases.

Metal stamping has applications across industries. These are some of the top stamping manufacturers in the world today:


Eigen Engineering:

Eigen Engineering was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. This metal stamping manufacturer has chosen this strategic location to become a part of a powerful network of 3rd party vendors and enable access to major Indian ports. Eigen has been in the precision stamping industry for 15 years now, creating a strong track record and a chain of successful ventures with clients across the world.

Eigen has an in-house tool room. For a stamping manufacturer, this means more control over the execution process. The metal stamping company also has an experienced team of trained and highly skilled professionals. Their focus remains on maintaining and improving on industry standards, specializing in the use of prototyping tools, progressive stamping tools, plastic injection moulding and electroplating. 


Interplex Holdings:

This metal stamping company was founded in 1970 and headquartered in Singapore. Interplex Holdings Pvt Ltd is a technology manufacturer that specialises in build-to-specification and build-to-print solutions aided by their team of experts and their high-quality manufacturing services. 

Their key services include tight tolerance stamping, high precision stamping, light gauge stamping and close-pitch stamping. Interplex Holdings uses progressing die stamping to manufacture cost-effective components for a variety of industries. 


Magna International Inc:

Magna International Incorporated has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada and began in 1957. It is a metal stamping manufacturer that designs, develops, manufactures and delivers systems, assemblies and various other parts for the automotive sector. In 2015, Magna entered a contract with UK-based Stadco, a supplier working with Ford and Land Rover, among other auto giant brands.

Its special offerings include automobile engineering as well as contract-based manufacturing. They have a strong market presence in North America, South America, Europe and many parts of the Asia-Pacific region.


Acro Metal Stamping Co:

Acro is a metal stamping company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. It started operations in 1947, offering a wide range of services such as precision metal stamping, custom stamping and several secondary services like electroplating and welding.

The Acro Metal Stamping Company owns an in-house tool room to design, manufacture and engineer on-demand tools and components. Their primary market is North America.



Forgeavia is a France-based metal stamping manufacturer offering services related to die forging and stamping for the defence and aeronautics industries. It uses different metals and alloys, including aluminum, bronze, Inconel, titanium and other different material types, to design and create parts. Its services and operations are classified under Mecapole and its clientele is based out of France. 


National Die Company Inc:

This metal stamping company also primarily offers its designing and manufacturing services for aerospace and defence applications, although not exclusively. It also caters to other industries like the electrical, medical and automotive industries. Its headquarters and clients are both concentrated in the USA.


Things to Look For in Your Stamping Manufacturer:

While every stamping company claims to be the best, you can ascertain which one to trust based on a few key factors.

  • Size of the team and their key skillset
  • Technology and tools they use
  • Customer care
  • Work portfolio
  • Client reviews and feedback