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The Best Way to Hire a Dedicated Development Team


If you have decided that you want a dedicated development team for your startup or next high-budget project then you should be aware of the procedure and what steps you will go through when hiring them.

The most important question that a company needs to ask itself is that whether you will take on the task of finding dedicated software developers yourself or approach a service provider to do that for you. Getting a vendor to provide the recruits is the easier and less stressful route and although the first one may be cheaper in terms of money it is expensive in terms of time and labor.

Different Ways to Find a Dedicated Development Team

  • Requesting the services of a staffing agency
  • Using professional websites to search
  • Asking software development firms for recommendations
  • Posting an advertisement on freelancer pages
  • Networking through professional platforms and events

Why is an Official Staffing Agency Better?

Hiring dedicated software developers through a vendor is better in many ways. The biggest advantage is that the agency takes care of the entire process. They will shortlist the candidates, conduct the interviews and provide HR support until the completion of the contract.

In simpler terms, you will not have to sign agreements between each team member and can let the vendor handle their working hours, attendance, and other concerns. It is much easier to let the vendor handle the outsourcing process. However, you have to provide them a description of the project and what you need from the recruits.

dedicated development team

The dedicated development team is provided by your partner and you should think of them in those terms. Their job is to facilitate not only the employees but also you, their clients. Listed below are some additional benefits of using a service provider for the job:

  1. They will be in charge of the productivity levels of the employees and ensuring the quality of work is up to the mark
  2. You can ask their human resources to help out with an issue whenever required
  3. There is no need to waste time on administrative issues regarding the salary payment or arrange for workspaces because they are in charge of everything.

Is it Different for Startups?

Digital or tech startups need a team to offer support and bring their vision to life before the window of opportunity passes. These startups often operate on a smaller budget and do not have the space to hire a lot of employees. Dedicated software developers can help them bring their website, application, or solution to market while working remotely. They can work on projects while letting the permanent team figure out the big picture items.

Hiring a dedicated development team is the easiest solution to the problem. You can get amazing results and full cooperation on any ideas without spending a lot of time or effort. The staffing agency can simplify the matter even further by providing you a team that is ready to work.