The Biggest Draw in 2021 by Prince Edward Island

Despite the global pandemic, the government of Canada is still accepting visa applications. Skilled and unskilled workers looking to move to Canada can apply for a visa, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you … Read More

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Despite the global pandemic, the government of Canada is still accepting visa applications. Skilled and unskilled workers looking to move to Canada can apply for a visa, and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you can move to the province of your choice.

On 18th February 2021, the Prince Edward PNP has carried out a draw for all the candidates who have applied for visas through the following categories:

  • Express Entry visas
  • Labour Impact visas
  • Business Impact visas

A total of 121 invitations were distributed. Out of these, 102 were allotted to Express Entry visa applicants and Labour Impact, candidates. The rest were distributed to Business Impact applicants, subject to them meeting the minimum requirement of 82 points on their Expression of Interest submitted.


About the Draw:

To get an invitation from Prince Edward Island for a provincial nomination, applicants under the Express Entry system must submit an Expression of Interest to the PEI PNP. There is no minimum EOI score requirement mentioned.

The Labour Impact Category has been designed for global nationals who have a valid employment offer from a Canadian employer in the PEI province. This category is divided into three streams – Critical Worker, Skilled Worker and International Graduate.

In November 2019, the PEI PNP had declared 1,336 invitations for the Express Entry and Labour Impact category applicants. It also issued an extra 14 invitations to applicants within the Business Impact category having a work permit and an EOI profile.

However, compared to the 2021 draw, invitation via this stream required a minimum of 130 points on their EOI scores. Global entrepreneurs applying through the Business Impact: Work Permit Stream received 182 invitations for permanent residence.


What is the Prince Edward Island Express Entry Category?

The PEI PNP (Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program) lets applicants apply for an Express Entry nomination for their Permanent Resident application in Canada. There is a list of selected criteria that you must meet to apply for your PR through the Express Entry category. You must be fit for at least one of the Federal Economic Immigration programs that the Canadian government offers.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

You also must create a federal Express Entry profile to ensure that you are a part of the pool of candidates.


What is the Prince Edward Entry Labour Impact Category?

The PEI Labour Impact Category is an easy pathway for entry into Canada for foreign nationals and non-Canadians to apply for permanent residence. This visa category is made up of three smaller categories, which all have their sets of requirements.

  • Skilled Worker Stream: This includes workers who have relevant experience for skilled occupations and identified by an employer within PEI. This stream is only open to those working within PEI.
  • Critical Worker Stream: This comprises professionals of low-skilled job roles with work experience of a minimum of six months with an employer in PEI. Their expertise includes roles like truck driver, labourer, housekeeper, hospitality worker or customer service agent.
  • International Graduate Stream: This includes people who have recently graduated from a recognised PEI institution and hold a job offer for a skilled job in a full-time capacity.

Candidates within the Labour Impact visa category need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to qualify for a provincial nomination.


What is the Prince Edward Island Business Impact Category?

The PEI Business Impact category has been designed to cater to foreign nationals looking to invest in, or actively start and manage, a business in PEI. The PEI PNP Business Impact visa stream is made up of three categories:

  • 100% Ownership Stream: This category has been created for non-Canadian entrepreneurs who wish to start their venture in PEI or take over an existing business in the province. The conditions are that the venture must generate revenue by selling goods or services to third parties.
  • Partial Ownership Stream: This subsection is for entrepreneurs who wish to purchase a significant part of an existing business in PEI. They must invest a minimum of $1 million in the business’ equity or buy a third of its equity.
  • Work Permit Stream: This category resembled the Partial Ownership Stream in many ways. The significant difference is that under the Work Permit Stream, the applicant can work in the PEI business they are looking to invest in. Under this category, the applicant can move to PEI, start working there and then decide if they want to invest or not. If they meet the requirements of the agreement, they can then be nominated to apply for PR.

There are many pathways through which you can apply for a Canadian visa or permanent residence. Choose the path you meet most of the criteria and make your dream of immigrating to Canada come true.

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