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The Complete Guide to Microsoft Power BI Certification and Its Benefits

Microsoft Power BI Certification

As a business grows, it becomes challenging to manage and analyze the large volumes of data they generate on a daily basis. It comes as a roadblock for all those organizations that rely on this data for decision-making. That is where Microsoft Power BI certification helps. Power BI is the Business Intelligence service that helps in data analytics most conveniently. There are different data analytic tools with which an organization can gather information like purchase patterns and more from their data. This has created immense opportunities for individuals looking to create a career in data and analytics.

Let us get into the details about Power BI and how getting the Microsoft power BI certification can help an individual progress their career and its benefits to an organization.

What is Power BI?

BI stands for Business Intelligence. Before we explain what Power BI is, you must know a little about business intelligence. It is the process of using different software and tools to turn raw, unmanaged data of an organization into relevant data sets based on which the organization can make significant decisions. Moving on, Power BI is the set of tools that give employees, even from non-technical backgrounds, the power to use the data to make plans that can benefit the organization in multiple ways.

Who can do the Microsoft Power BI certification?

Data analytics is a powerful tool and set of software. Almost every professional in an organization can make use of it to gain efficiency and agility at work. The list of professionals who should consider taking the Microsoft power BI certification are:

  • Designers

Designing the user interfaces is one of the crucial tasks for a designer. It has to be user-friendly, convenient to use, eye-catching, and fully operational at the same time. To turn the design into a success, designers can use these data analytic tools to figure out what the user is looking for and how they can deliver that through their design.

  • Sales Executives

A sales executive always decides on a plan of action by understanding the trends in customer behaviour. It helps them know the purchase behaviour, demand, and the right target audience. With this information, they can plan their next sales target.

  • Administrators

When the organization size increases, managing the in-house data also comes as a challenge. Administrators can use this set of software to keep the data segregated and use it as and when required.
Other than this, marketers, developers, accountants, and almost every person in an organization can utilize this set of tools.

Benefits of Power BI certification

Data analytics is the need of the hour. Every organization, however big or small, requires efficient tools to use their data for their benefit. The Microsoft Power BI certification teaches the same and gives proficiency to them to better manage data.

  • After getting the certification, a professional can use the Power BI desktop app efficiently to gather data. They can also arrange it into fruitful data sets and cleanse it.
  • They will be able to visualize the data in the most segregated form by putting it into charts, tables, or columns. This data help learn the facts like employee performance, purchase behaviour, and much more.
  • Professionals with power BI certification can optimize the data units. They keep only the relevant data for reference and remove the rest from the system to reduce data storage issues.
  • This tool gives limited and customisable control of access. It means the organization does not have to worry about data security issues. They can allow access to the data to only selected people in the organization.
  • The desktop is easy to use and operate. It means there is no need to keep a separate tech support team to manage the tool. After getting the Microsoft Power BI certification, every individual can operate the tools themselves without expert help.
  • It stores the data on the Microsoft cloud, so the organization doesn’t have to worry about speed or memory constraints.
    There are countless other benefits that this certification offers. These benefits are not only restricted to the organization.

Individual Benefits of the Microsoft Power BI certification

  • Get better job opportunities as every organization would like to hire a professional who can help them in data management. Data is the key to successful ventures.
  • You can become an asset to the organization and contribute a lot more than your peers who may not understand data analytics.
  • Plan better strategies by learning the data trends and patterns that make decision-making a lot easier.

In the end, it is fair to say that getting the certification is a fruitful decision at both the individual and organizational levels. Any professional looking for ways to enhance their skill set should take up this certification by Microsoft and experience the career boom. So, wait no more, sign up for the certification course, study all the modules, and prepare well. After you clear the exam successfully, you get the certificate from Microsoft, announcing you to be proficient in data analysis.