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The Current Trends To Follow In Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has been growing and changing at a rapid pace since the last decade. Unique and diverse channels are introduced each day to engage customers, and it would be inadvisable for marketers to use a specific channel or strategy for a long time. The trend nowadays is to generate vast customer engagement, convert them into leads, and build your brand. And with that, these are some of the key trends that you can consider including in your digital marketing strategies.

Personalizing Individually

Personalized marketing has been maintaining trust and reliability in a marketer’s planning as it garnered massive engagement. But as time passes by, its charm seems to get dimmed. The reason being a generic customer focus with a pattern of analyzing past buying history or browsing behavior, passing them through segments, and targeting them generally.

Such a strategy may have worked well then, but now it leads to ignorance in the sole behavioral points of every customer. This is why personalizing marketing content individually deems wise. It aligns directly to their demand for imbibing content that is crafted as per their specific preferences.

One such brand that uses this technique is Starbucks. This coffee brand takes great advantage of AI and utilizes real-time data to send around 400,000 varieties of individualistic messages to their consumers. Each offer is unique based on the customer’s liking and previous purchases on the mobile app.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has exhibited a significant rise in the digital field. More than 55% of consumers show a strong trust in the information they gain from influencers instead of brands directly. Influencers in almost all fields are posting authentic content for their followers nowadays. The kind of trust formed between customers and micro-influencers can nowhere be matched with content generated directly from a brand.

Collaborating with an influencer enables your brand to multiply the customer reach as well as bring awareness to a more loyal consumer base. Creating podcasts along with influencers has also been a lucrative approach. Podcasts have been a valuable channel to persuade the audience towards buying a product. More than 50% of podcast viewers will most probably reach the purchase page of an item recommended by their podcasters. You can also find an influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon and get the best service in this area.

Voice Search

Voice search is certainly the leading light for searches done through mobiles. In 2020, around 50% of the mobile-internet search traffic is said to have been voice-based. But the content based on voice optimization should have an interactive tone, indicating a need for long-tail keywords in your web content. This is due to a huge difference in a user typing in the search bar, as compared to searching with their voice. For example, one might say in a voice search, “Hey Siri, which are the budget-friendly iPhones in trend?”. If they search by typing, it may simply be, “budget-friendly iPhones”.

Besides, re-designing the FAQ page as per the voice-search queries deems important for websites, as customers are most likely to remain active on that page. Along with reframing the FAQ sections, there are high chances of ranking in the voice search using sufficient long-tail keywords.

Shoppable Content

Shoppable social media content is a great asset for digital marketers. Social media marketing has faced a big challenge for years, and that is creating a chain of steps for favorable lead conversion. Social commerce campaigns are run to sell goods directly via social media ads, and these have progressed prominently in 2020. They have proven to be the most popular tactics.

Shoppable content posted on social media enables customers to instantly buy a product without having to leave the mobile app. This way a user will have to go through a reduced number of steps to complete their purchase. As a result, you will see an elevation in the sales graph.

Moreover, shoppable content is also beneficial to trigger instinctive purchases among app users. An image posted with superior quality graphics on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest can smartly prompt the user to buy the product straight away.


Being proactive and advancing with technology will take your marketing operations to the next level. Qwerty Brand Solutions is progressing among the best digital marketing services to simplify your business needs. If you need suggestions for improving your digital marketing strategies, we are just a call away to give you the finest solutions.


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