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The Different Stages of Working with Dedicated Teams

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Each stage of the dedicated team setup counts because they determine the dynamics between members and impact the quality of work. The team’s performance can go through these stages depending on which phase of development you are in.

Team Formation

The first week is marked by excitement and high spirits. Everyone is ready to start working and is courteous with each other. They want to begin working and taking on their roles in the organization.


It often starts with a clash between two employees based on their roles and responsibilities. The team members might be at odds with each other if their job descriptions are not clearly defined. There will be stress and uncertainty leading to a breakdown of the hierarchy. To avoid these challenges, it is best to have a strong team leader with conflict resolution skills.

Normal Operation

Once the conflicts are resolved the team members can begin cooperating and working towards their common goal. This is when everything starts coming into place and the development team begins appreciating each other’s strengths and overcoming their weaknesses.


The time it takes for each stage to pass depends on how you handle the project. It will take some time for the team to gain momentum and begin delivering results.

When you hire a dedicated development team, you are not jumping into unsafe waters but working with standard operating procedures in place. If new people are joining, we walk them through the

design and code review procedures so they know the quality of work that is expected of them and each stage passes by quickly until we reach the normal operation and performance mode.

Set Targets

Dedicated teams work on an hourly or project basis. They usually have a flexible pricing model in place which gives the company room for creative development. They are not restricted by the limited scope or focus of the work. The team delivers results every week and puts all its energy into the sprint. You can also add changes or pivot from the current direction if you need. The product idea comes to fruition much faster because there are no alterations or legal settlements that have to be upheld by the development teams.

Why Choose Development Teams

The dedicated team model lets you collaborate closely with your partners and also allows you to have control over the project. It covers business and technology-related core competencies so you can move forward with the idea much quicker. There is flexibility in the terms of the project and the work is comprehensive. Development teams are much suited for a startup backed by venture capital or an enterprise that wants to introduce its product to newer markets.

dedicated development team

The onboarding and work practices are proven to be effective and recommended by many IT partners. You can introduce innovative ideas and products by adding more members to the team who are dedicated to one shared goal.