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The Dubai School Fees and The Best Schools in the City

Dubai School Fees
Dubai School Fees

In all rights , fees in an Indian school vary from those in a city like Dubai or Singapore. It is quite common to find that school fees in India are cheaper than those abroad. There are many reasons as to why one would want to change their child’s schooling institution. In most cases, it is because parents as individuals feel like Cities such as Dubai offer a better quality of life , more opportunity and a better education. Now all this rings true until it comes to the section of better Education. As most of you know India is a civilization that is thousands of years old and the curriculum of education it provides has seen some of the most accomplished individuals take their place in this world. Now when looking for a different school in a different city, it is also possible that parents are looking for uniformity in their child’s life, which would push them to select a schooling institution with the same board.

What tends to happen is; sometimes because of the occupation one or both parents have , they may need to change cities . In this case, they would look for an institution which would be able to provide their child with the same level of education , if not better. For some parents the fee is never a question as they are ready to invest everything in order for their child to be successful . Now Dubai is a bustling city that has grown leaps and bounds in the decades gone by and have truly kept up with the world around them. The job opportunities and system of education they provide are amongst the best in the world . Now Dubai is home to 140 International schools and is still counting. Amongst these are schools of African, French and American origin. The reason being that students who are travelling from different countries don’t feel out of place and even though they are in an International city, there is a feeling of community. The very same way, Indians who migrate to the city of Dubai would also want to enroll their child in an Indian school to gain a sense of community. As mentioned in many texts, the Indian system of education is years old and some Indian parents believe in the results of success it brings, hence want to enrol their child in an Indian school.

Parents who are looking at changing cities are mostly worried about the hike in fees they may have to face. Education in Dubai can be a little expensive. If parents are planning on sending their child to an International school, there are many affordable options. International schools, though a tad bit more expensive than regular schools, ensure that your child gets an academic education and goes through an all round guided development. In international schools they are taught to deal with the real world as it is .This they do through creating a safe environment in which a child may explore their mind and learn ways that will help them walk the right path while at the same time uncovering latent abilities , perhaps that may lead them to success in the future. Parents may initially be worried by the Dubai school fees but there are options like GIIS, an Indian International school that provides parents with affordable fee structures and their children with an above average education. 


This franchise of schools has been around for over 2 decades. It began in India and after spreading its new age educational system has moved onto countries and cities abroad. The success rate of students coming out from this school is exponential. This institution has not only put an Emphasis on academic education but the education your child will require in terms of social responsibility and spiritual awareness. Concepts such as these are a huge part of the way the world now functions. Many Individuals success depends on whether they have the correct characteristics and are able to blend with these aspects. 


 The entire mission of this school is to provide their students with an American Education that is not only holistic but encourages students to truly follow their passions. The school encourages them to discover hidden talents that will see them reach their full potential and be successful.

They encourage students to help other communities and live in harmony. The institution wants to ensure that every student has a sense of creativity through which they can sustain their own need to learn continuously. They hope for their students to synchronize with the community in such a way that they put the society’s needs above their own.


This institution is also known as PEPS. They have a long term vision in which they want to educate children from a tender age so that when they pass out of the institution and are ready to be successful individuals in the world, they are capable, young , well educated individuals. They hope for their students to always have the drive to achieve and to give back to the society around them. The school ensures via its challenging curriculum and incredibly well trained staff that every student receives a high quality education.