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The Dye Sublimation Printer SubliXpress Plus

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The SubliXpress Plus is the latest industrial dye sublimation printer with an impressive print speed of 9,000 square meters per day. Its advanced nozzles and 8 industrial Kyocera print heads offer high-quality, vibrant prints. This machine features an intuitive touch panel and Active Seaming Technology for a professional finish. Its cost-effective price makes it a good investment for new businesses and established users alike.

The SubliXpress is an industrial dye-sublimation printer with a large print area and fast speed. It supports variable ink intensities ranging from 4-72 PL, and can print on a variety of materials, from recycled polyester to woven materials. It also supports multiple file formats, including EPS and TIFF. It is an ideal choice for those looking to expand their print business into the sublimation market or those who are just starting out.

The SubliXpress has 4 print heads and supports various file formats. The large print area and infrared dryers enable fast drying of printed images leatherette sofa set. The SubliXpress Plus supports a wide range of fabrics and is compatible with RGB, TIFF, and BMP. The infrared dryers and four print heads allow it to print a variety of high-quality products. It’s also a great choice for small-scale businesses that need to produce limited quantities.

The SubliXpress Plus boasts versatility and low power consumption. Its four industrial print heads can accommodate a wide range of media and can print up to 9,000 square meters of material in an hour. It also features Active Seaming Technology for seamless printing and is available in four different sizes and colors. The SubliXpress Plus is a versatile high-production dye-sublimation printer that can handle a wide variety of textiles.

The SubliXpress’s 1.6-meter print head is designed for high-speed, high-volume printing of large-format prints. The SubliXpress Plus is compatible with diameter rolls of up to 400 mm. The company’s printer is also eco-friendly, supporting both polyester and transfer paper printing. This dye-sublimation printer has a large touchscreen, a built-in USB port, and a variable-color display.

SubliXpress has an advanced ink degassing system. It also has a high-speed colour management engine. Its low-power consumption makes it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Its high-quality prints have made it a popular choice for social photographers, as well as for other types of print media. This industrial dye-sublimation printer is highly efficient, and it offers several advantages.

Besides being an industrial dye-sublimation printer, the SubliXpress Plus is also a perfect option for home users who want to print a wide range of products. Its dual-rail setup ensures that the print will remain stable and will not curl at the edges. Its superior printing quality is unmatched in Pakistan. Its durable construction and advanced color management features make it a must-have for any professional online furniture shopping.

The SubliXpress is a high-speed industrial dye-sublimation printer. Its TST technology allows it to transfer the ink at high speeds, even in small-scale production environments. Its TST technology offers synchronized paper movement. The SubliXpress can print up to 4000 square meters of material per day and is compatible with all kinds of synthetic media. This machine is a great investment and an excellent investment for any small business.

SubliXpress Plus is equipped with multiple brush rollers and a gold-plated metal encoder. The printer offers high-speed printing with excellent quality. A SubliXpress Plus is the best choice for both small and large-scale enterprises. This high-quality machine is perfect for printing on a variety of materials, including synthetic fabrics. For example, it can print on T-shirts, banners, id cards, and more.

The SubliXpress offers a number of features that can make it a better choice for smaller and medium-scale businesses. It comes with a Jumbo Roll Feeder for the smoothest printing process. It is designed for high-speed printing. Its inkjets can handle materials as thin as 20 GSM. Its TST technology provides accurate detection of unevenness in media. It is a durable machine that uses a small amount of energy.