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The Easiest Way To Find The Best School In Your Area


Finding the perfect school for children is the dream of every parent, but in a country that has so many schools in different curricula, parents are for sure taken for a toss. While choosing a school for the child, parents have to consider so many other features apart from the curriculum, such as the ranking of the school, its ratings, and facilities available, the location, etc. They require a comprehensive framework that lists them the top schools in their locality, along with the other details that interest them, so that they will be able to narrow down on top schools to admit their wards.

How to pick the best school for your kid?

India is a country that has several schools and we can find a school in almost every road intersection. All of them brag to be the top CBSE schools in India or the top International schools. Unless we get to know every single detail of the institution, we are sure to fall for their marketing tactics. This is where SchoolMyKids comes to the rescue of new-age parents. It is a comprehensive online parenting and school discovery platform. Their motto is to help parents with almost everything that they would need to raise their little ones. In their online platform, they cover almost every single aspect of kid’s engagement and parenting. You can also find DIY activities and worksheets to keep your child engaged at home, during the pandemic.

SchoolMyKids also lists the best ICSE and CBSE schools pan India, and other boards in different levels, starting from playgroup to senior secondary school. Parents can locate schools easily with the board and locality such as Top ICSE schools in Pune, Top CBSE schools in Hyderabad, etc., You can browse the school location-wise and based on their type of management along with the school rating. Parents should take advantage of their kid’s engagement and school discovery platform and enjoy stress-free parenting.