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The Extensive Wide Portfolio Of The Lubricant Additive Range

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The lubricant additives always help in making sure that there will be a higher level of protection into the whole machinery and overall life of the lubricants will be extended with the effective usage of such things. Hence, the lubricant additives suppliers in India are very much successful because of the top-notch quality products provided by them. Following is the broad product portfolio of all these kinds of companies:


  • Antioxidants/stabilisers: These kinds of additives are very much successful in terminating of the free radical chain reaction. Effective implementation of such things will further make sure that degradation of the oxidation will be taken care of very well and there will be no side-effect on any kind of property of the whole field.
  • Viscosity index improvers for the hydraulic and gear oil: These kinds of chemicals can be termed as the molecules which are very much sensitive to the temperature. Such things are perfectly implemented at the very low temperatures and will make sure that follicle change will contract and there will be no side-effect on the fluid viscosity. Implementation of the chemicals at very high temperatures will further make sure that change relaxation will be undertaken perfectly and increase into the viscosity will be perfectly undertaken.
  • Extreme pressure/antiwear additives: This particular classification of the chemicals work perfectly under the extreme pressure and further make sure the temperature will never react with metal surfaces because the protective coating will be perfectly performed and it will further make sure that it can withstand the extreme heat as well as pressure which is caused by continuous contact of metal surfaces. These kinds of agents work similar manner and always are very much successful into operating at the lower load as well as pressure.
  • Emulsifiers for agricultural spray oil: This particular category of the chemicals can be termed as a tailor-made package which is specifically formulated from the biodegradable and eco-friendly surface-active regions. It is very much important to be utilising these kinds of systems to make sure that mineral oil-based agricultural spare oils are taken complete advantage of all the time.
  • Emulsifiers for coning oil: All these kinds of chemicals are specifically formulated with the motive of making sure that soluble oils are taking complete advantage of into several kinds of applications for example texting, fibre and machinery industry. Such chemicals are very much successful because they are very much compatible with all kinds of paraffinic based oils which have the viscosity of SN 70 – SN1 50.
  • Pour point depressants: These kinds of chemicals are very much successful in maintaining the fluidity of the lubricants in several levels and also make sure that low temperatures can be taken complete advantage of because such chemicals can easily interfere with the higher hydrocarbon crystallisation process. It is highly recommended for the organisations to use these kinds of systems into the engine, hydraulic and gear oil systems.

  Hence, lubricants additive suppliers in India always help in providing the top-notch quality products which are specifically engineered with the motive of improving the lubricant performance.