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The Famous Chicken Seekh kebab Meat in Bradford

Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford

The Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford, originally called shish kebabs, were introduced to Indians by Turkish traders. Shish is a ‘sword’ in Turkey, and kebab means to ‘roast on fire’. It is said that the Turkish soldiers that took refuge in the forest would not find anything to eat, so they would find whatever meat they could and put them on their swords and roast them.

Some people also say that kebab comes from the Arabic word “cobab”, which means to burn, and it was early introduced somewhere in the Middle East.

What is Seekh kebab?

Seekh kebabs are minced meat shaped like a cylinder that is roasted or grilled on fire. The kebab is prepared by chopping some fresh herbs and traditional spices, marinated and incorporated in the meat and then cooked on heat.

There are many types of Seekh kebabs, each made with different kinds of meats. The Kebabs have a wide variety starting from the flesh of the lamb, even to chicken.

Chicken Seekh kabab Bradford usually do not include any vegetables. Still, in modern times, it is observed that people have started placing different vegetables on skewers that are crafted in a unique way to captivate their audience.

Meat used

There is a variety of meat used to make Seekh kebabs, Like red meat and white meat. The red meat comes from goat, beef lamb, etc., and the white meat comes from Bradford, chicken, etc.

However, another type of meat is widely used, known as processed meat, which usually comes from hot dogs and sausages.

Meat is an excellent source of protein with the benefit of containing many organic vitamins that are vital for human health. It also reduces cholesterol and the risks of cardiovascular diseases.


The spices are used for flavouring and adding colour to the dish. The famous spices used in making Seekh kebabs are salt, herbs like cumin and paprika, chili or pepper. Some add turmeric or the renowned garam masala to spice it up and add some colour to the kebabs.

Cumin lowers cholesterol, fights bacteria, controls blood sugar levels, and aids in weight loss.

Chicken Seekh Bradford

Sweet Centre Freshly Prepared Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford

Here at Sweet Centre, you will find freshly prepared Seekh kebab with onions and traditional spices that are well known. On top of that, the food quality is well maintained and is reviewed as one of the best.

Cultural people would be very familiar with the smell of garam-masala that is well marinated in the kebabs. It is said to be so delicious that you start to salivate almost instantly. A mouth-watering platter of juicy kebabs is a great attention seeker.

Kebabs are not only served as meals but can also be considered as a perfect party snack. The Smokey, spicy aroma and flavoury, juicy texture can quickly get you to take your steps toward it.


Kebabs are friendly for any person eating them, even if you are on your diet. Kebabs are not only easy digestion, but they also don’t have any carbs. It is best to enjoy BBQ on skewers.

It is said that Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford are healthier when eaten with simply pita bread or salad. It is said to have 206 calories which mostly come from protein and fat.

A skewer of Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford is known to contain about 1.3 grams of salt, which keeps the minerals in your body balanced. The lamb in the kebabs is rich in iron and provides a better vision, and boosts your immune system. It contains vitamins that contribute to your mental health, helps keep your bones healthy, and improves your nervous system function.


Many types of Chicken Seekh kebab Bradford are tended to be found all over the world. Every country has a touch of its tradition and culture in its kebabs. It is said that Turkey is the country that is famous for the variety of kebabs.

Turkish has famous kebabs like the Doner kebab, Iskender kebab and the Adana kebab. Adana kebabs are nothing but beef or lamb mixed with onion, some garlic, and traditional spices.

Other than Turkish kebabs, there are many international kebabs. Their texture and ingredients are what make them unique. It is just not the traditional spices but also the way the meat is minced. Some prefer to copperier their heart, while others mash it into threads like texture.

We assure you that our kebabs will remind you of Bradford. Our kebabs are served with extras like the onions and spices that you will find irresistible.