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The Future Technology Of Car Tyres


The technology of tyres in vehicles changes rapidly on a daily basis. New car types generate new competition for makers of tyres, while the latest designs of tyres and research of material create more sustainable and greenery promoting products. The big manufacturers remain under stress to finance tyres for the coming future and develop techniques to improve connectivity between tyres and the roads and facilities responsible for their maintenance.

Though tyres do not have the ideal reputation in the market as they are rubbery, fat, may blow out, be at a loss of air pressure, and could skid on wet roads or icy ones. However, with the evolving inventions of new technologies, the image of tyres has been transformed into intelligent elements on a vehicle. The future of tyres is more durable, friendly and safe. Amongst the latest innovations, a few are mentioned below:

  • Run-flat technology

A flat tyre could increase the levels of stress and frustration of anyone. This technology helps drivers drive their car at decent speed levels even after encountering a hole or tear in the tyre. These tyres have solid side walls that impart strength for allowing the car to be taken to a nearby repair facility or pull the car to a safe location at the least. This technology has been around for a long time but has gained popularity and recognition recently.

  • Self-sealing technology

This technology was considered a revolution in the industry upon its invention. Post the puncturing of a tyre, the liquid itself moves onto the car’s tyre, thereby sealing the possible hole. Many popular brands like Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone now offer this technology in their manufactured tyres

  • Sensing of the contact area

This technology was developed in 2011 and first applied in Europe, Japan and the U.S. The system comprised a sensor in the inside wall of the tyre that helped to monitor the tyres association with the road’s surface. The driver’s safety was promoted by letting the car’s driver know of the switch of road surfaces. The system inspects numerous conditions of the road before transmitting it into real-time data.

The car’s driver is made aware and suggested to make adjustments in the control aspect and speed of the engine. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a digital device present within the vehicle. Many modern-day cars also have systems to monitor the pressure levels of the tyres Milton Keynes. The pressure difference indicates the driver by turning the light on in the dashboard. The newly developed technologies sent signs to the car’s driver if they are about to encounter gravel, ice or a pothole allowing them to monitor by timely application of brakes. This helps in making the vehicle self-dependent and autonomous.

  • Tyres that are airless

Tyres filled with air were designed and developed more than 120 years ago. It’s been years that manufacturers have been trying to decipher ways of avoiding blow-outs and flat tyres. This technology eliminates the stress of refilling air into tyres or the fact that it could be punctured by penetration.

  • Rubber replacing technology

Many top manufacturers of tyres are relentlessly working to replace rubber with eco-friendly materials, causing less damage to the environment. Dandelion was one such solution recommended. The material to be developed would be from normal weeds and plants. Researchers are working towards identifying and preparing a list to make tyres completely organic.

  • Silent tyre technology

The design of the tread is changed in this technology and combined with the rubberised elements. This would help lower the noise levels a tyre produces on-road and ensure a comfortable ride to the passengers on board.

These new advancements may seem interesting and exciting as they aim to manufacture smart summer tyres Milton Keynes that would make the drivers feel safer and would not obstruct the pleasure of driving.