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The Great Ceiling Breakdown


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So you have a house under construction, or you are renovating your house on a big scale, or you’re plain curious – here we have the many types of ceilings available helping you choose the right one for your home.

  • Conventional ceiling

The most common ceiling seen in most homes, the conventional ceiling is about 9 feet high. The conventional ceiling is easy to construct and decorate. But a conventional ceiling is not the most special type of ceiling, and it doesn’t make your home stand out in any way. If you have Popcorn ceiling removal services underway, then the conventional ceiling could be a good start.

  • Suspended ceiling

A suspended or drop ceiling is a flat ceiling built below an existing ceiling. The second layer of the ceiling is dropped below the original ceiling using metal suspenders. The suspended ceiling is great for hiding wires or creates a more intimate space. Note that this style makes for a lower ceiling height than the traditional ceiling.

  • Tray ceiling

Tray ceilings are built upwards, resembling an inverted tray. The tray ceiling is ‘cut out’ either by foot or deeper. Sometimes 2-3 steps are added to create the tray effect for a more striking finish. Tray ceilings give an illusion of height for shorter spaces, and decorative moldings look great for this style.

  • Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceilings are a classic favorite in luxury and high-end homes. These are waffle-like ceiling patterns made of sunken panels alongside molding. A coffered ceiling with a chandelier in the center makes for a beautiful home.

  • Cathedral ceiling

Also known as vaulted ceilings, these ceilings are found in most ancient European architectures.These ceilings lend an open and spacious feel to a room and are usually installed in the first-floor living and dining rooms. Cathedral ceilings are also a trend in master bedrooms for an elegant and luxurious effect. However, these ceilings are difficult to maintain.

  • Domed ceiling

A domed cathedral ceiling has a central round arch and is perfect for large houses and bungalows.

  • Coved ceiling

A coved ceiling is a soft and subtle transition that begins from your home’s walls to the ceiling creating a curved surface at the upper sides of the room. These are usually installed in official rooms or conference halls. Coved ceilings are also used to separate one living space from another.

  • Shed ceiling

Mostly seen in homes with attic spaces, the shed ceiling has a slope that begins outside and slants upward to the center of the house. Though the slant is not steep, the uneven ceiling renders a fresh look to homes and goes perfectly with headboards.

  • Beam ceiling

Beam ceilings are a traditional style of ceilings that used beams of wood to support the ceiling. Now, hardwood beams or faux wood beams are a popular choice for creating modern-rustic homes. The beam ceilings provide an interesting depth and make for a visual treat. These ceilings are made better with good lighting.

If you consider Popcorn ceiling painted removal and renovated, you may want to choose from the ceiling options we’ve provided.