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The Health Insurance Industry Has Found Success With the Help of the HITrust Alliance


The Hitrust Alliance has developed a standard for validating the results of an audit. This standard is called “Thehitrostrial Qualitative Assessment” (HTQA).

The goal of this standard is to enable auditors to have a more complete and reliable assessment of how an IT procurement or audit support company’s programs measure up to relevant industry standards. The purpose of this standard is to help potential clients to evaluate whether or not to contract with a firm that contracts with them. Auditors will also be able to determine if the client’s requirements were fully met and what steps need to be taken to mitigate risks that may arise from deficiencies in the programs.

The Hitrust Alliance categorizes its assessments into four categories, which are performed on the client’s behalf, performed by the independent assessor hired by the client, or conducted by one or more of the companies in the alliance. For the client, the focus is usually on how each piece of equipment meets its functions. The client may request an audit of how vendors managed and maintained the equipment over the course of its life. The auditor will conduct this analysis and provide reports outlining the results. At the very least, if the client requests a Hitrust assessment of how vendors managed and maintained the equipment they’ve ordered, they will be able to obtain a report that says how the equipment met its intended use and if it was properly maintained.


For the internal audit provider, the roles and responsibilities include identifying and documenting management’s compliance policies and requirements, as well as performing periodic assessments and inspections. Internal audits are used to prevent organizations from exposing information risk and improving management’s flexibility in addressing emerging threats. The goals of this kind of audit include discovering weaknesses in the organization that could cause it to violate laws and regulations. It can also identify opportunities for organizations to benefit from changes in the market or to make improvements where they can achieve their cost reduction objectives without compromising quality. Finally, it can tell organizations whether they are complicating or optimizing their business model so they can remain competitive in the marketplace.


The HITrust Alliance was created in order to build stronger partnerships with healthcare organizations. By working together, the Alliance aims to build on the strengths of each organization and contribute to the improvement of health information security framework. To ensure effective and efficient collaboration among members, the organization has developed a common security framework referred to as the Common Security Assumption (CSA). The CSA is the cornerstone of all HITrust activities and represents a standard definition of best practice in information security management.


CSA defines an assumption about the current state of affairs regarding the cyber environment in which healthcare providers operate. With this framework, organizations are responsible for accepting the risks associated with a particular cyber-security risk. They must determine what actions they would take if a cyber incident occurs and when it might occur. Organizations that do not have a strategy in place may be subject to a variety of vulnerabilities.


The mission of the HITrust Alliance is to provide companies, like HITrust, with certifications based on the CSA framework. This certification provides companies with a distinct advantage over other suppliers because it verifies companies have taken steps to meet the standards set forth in the framework. Not only does this give companies the ability to offer the highest level of HIPAA compliance to their customers, but it also provides an incentive for them to collaborate more closely with their customers and develop enhanced relationships in the security industry.


The HITrust Alliance has released several certifications based on the CSA. These certifications are targeted at reducing the threats that healthcare providers face in the current cyber environment. Alliance members have the opportunity to choose from one of six different CSA covered entities, which are: the HITrust Lab, the HITrust Security Management System, the HITrust Enterprise Solution, the Healthcare Information Management Solutions (HIMS), the HITrust Application Performance Management (APPM) and the Health IT Delivery Platform (HITP). These CSA covered entities are required to abide by the guidelines defined by the Alliance. When a company chooses to become a member of the Alliance, it must commit to these six modules which are designed to help to strengthen the health care community and protect private patient records from unauthorized access by outside sources.


As a result of the CSA framework, companies will be able to offer the highest level of protection to their patients. They will also have the ability to deliver tailored solutions that are required by the customers they serve. If a company has not yet decided to join the alliance, it is recommended that they do so as soon as possible. This is because the Alliance is a rapidly growing organization that offers an extremely valuable resource in the HIE Security Decision Making Process. By taking the time to become certified assessor experts through the HITrust platform, companies will demonstrate their dedication to excellence in their chosen industry.