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The ideal power generator: do you know how to choose?

1000 kva diesel generator

Threats of energy rationing and rising electricity bills have led several entrepreneurs to rent an electric power generator for their business.

Given this scenario, this device has become a great alternative to overcome the energy crisis, as it can be used as an energy source in any environment.

There are several models of power generator available for rental, and the first question that arises is: How do I find out which model is ideal for my need?


See below incredible tips when choosing a power generator

1. Choose the generator power:

First, make a detailed list of all appliances that will need to be connected to the generator. Then add up the power in watts of each one. This way, you will have a basic idea of ​​how many watts will be needed to power this equipment on site.

2. Assess the sound level of the Device:

According to health experts, excessive loud sound can cause negative physical and psychological effects on human beings, such as hypertension, headache, irritability and hearing damage. Therefore, the ideal is always to choose the power generator that generates less noise compared to other models. Read the Comparison of two models

3. Search for fuel Types:

Currently, it is possible to find several models of energy generators available for rental on the market, among them those powered by diesel oil, gasoline and natural gas (Ge9). Always choose the one that best suits your needs.


You can find different types of energy generator models for rent. Request your quote now!

What is the best power generator for your home?

The power generator is equipment that supplies power without interruption even after a blackout. In the search for comfort and convenience in homes, it is an energy source guarantee.

Are you wondering: What is the best power generator for homes? Know It has different power generator models available for rental.

Choose the power generator that best suits your home’s needs
When choosing a generator, check the power required for your demand, following the steps:

1st step – Make a list of all the devices that will be working in your residence.

2nd step – Add the individual powers in watts (W) of each appliance.

3rd step – To find the kVA value required by the power generator, divide the total power of the equipment by 1,000.

For example, the appliances on your list are a microwave oven, 2,000 W, an electric grill, 3,000 W, and a space heater, 1,000 W, for a total of 6,000 W, which, divided by 1,000, results at 6 kVA.

The gasoline power generator is ideal for homes as it is portable, compact and can be easily moved from place to place. Honda models of gasoline power generators range from 5 to 12 kVA, with tanks of up to 30 liters.

The advantages of opting for a power generator:

It guarantees uninterrupted electrical energy even after a blackout, thus making it possible to maintain the energy supply in your home.
Provides more security to your home, as security cameras and alarms work normally even after a blackout.
It brings convenience, as all electronic devices, such as TV, radio, computer and microwave, continue to work in the event of a blackout.
A blackout can affect the preservation of your refrigerator’s food. With a generator, you can keep the refrigerators running for the conservation of these foods.
It brings cost savings, because at peak times the energy supplied is more expensive.