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The IQOS Tobacco Heating System


The IQOS Tobacco Heating System is an innovative tobacco heating system, thanks to which you enjoy its taste without inhaling toxic substances, without smoke, odor and ash. The harm to the body is 90-95% lower, which however does not eliminate nicotine addiction. For IQOS clients, the official website publishes scientific research results that support the reduction of health risks. Buy IQOS heets on our website now!

Smoking is not only bad for one’s health; anyone who does it should quit smoking and tobacco completely. However, the fact is that quitting isn’t feasible for a regular smoker. People have been using nicotine and cigarettes in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are new technological inventions.

The less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes are becoming more and more popular among smokers all over the world because of their different advantages compared with regular tobacco products. The main problem that causes smoking is an addiction; it’s possible to get rid of it after some time.

The best way to quit smoking is using methods that don’t involve any chemicals or medications. The most effective option, in this case, is cold turkey, which has no disadvantages when compared with other techniques. It’s important not to use nicotine patches because they are addictive as well.

Heat-no-burn tobacco products are composed of a blend of high-quality tobacco leaves from chosen strains and origins, as well as flavoring and vegetable glycerin. The tobacco is further grounded to give you the right mix, after which it is reworked into a huge sheet of tobacco to form Heat sticks or heets. Heets include tobacco, glycerin and propylene glycol.

IQOS has a new technology that heats the tobacco at high temperatures without burning it, thus eliminating smoke because there is no combustion. It’s different from vaping since you don’t need to press any button or connect your IQOS device to the charger for heating purposes before each use; all these features are done automatically.

The IQOS device has an impressive design that looks like a regular pen, which is the most comfortable for your pocket or handbag when you’re on the go. Additionally, the IQOS HEETS official website has a blog that publishes informative and interesting posts such as lifestyle tips or updates about new products; it’s also worth checking out if you’re looking for good info on tobacco heating systems.

When compared with regular cigarettes, Heat sticks last longer, which is a great benefit for every user. IQOS is a legitimate alternative to cigarettes that can help you get back your health and enjoy the taste of tobacco but without harmful chemicals or substances.

The start of the healing process begins with the end-user inserting heat-no-burn tobacco devices into the IQOS holder, which contains an electronically controlled heater. The customer must simply press a button on the gadget to begin the healing procedure. When the user has completed these first steps, he may breathe in the heated tobacco products to have a genuine smoking experience of a regular cigarette. Because these one-time use sheets are disposable items, they must be removed from the IQOS holder and disposed of in a dustbin after being used. When necessary, plug the holder into the charger.