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The Justin Bieber Song that represent your zodiac sign

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For the last few decades, Justin Bieber has been a pop music icon. His music is catchy, infectious, perfectly defines most of us and also matches the personality traits of every star sign as per the kundli online. When it comes to pop music, Justin Bieber is at the top of his game. Time and time again, he releases an album that gets his fans excited.

The star, over the years, has come a long way since Scooter Braun discovered him singing on YouTube as a pre-teen. Now he’s married to Hailey Bieber and just released his new album Justice. And as everyone relates to his songs, we thought why not scoop out a song for each zodiac sign. So here we go.

Pisces: Life Is Worth Living

Justin’s song “Life Is Worth Living” from Purpose is very emotional. So it perfectly describes Pisces; as natives belonging to this zodiac wear sensitivity on their sleeves. Justin sings about going through some hard times and coming out on the other side, and Pisces will love that he’s so honest.

Aquarius: What Do You Mean?

Aquarius signs, as per the Hindi kundli, are friendly social beings who also need time of their own to chill and kick back. They can seem like introverts, but they can also be very extroverted. This is something that might confuse people. Interestingly, the Justin Bieber song, “What Do You Mean?” is also about not being sure of someone’s actions.

Capricorn: Baby

Tradition-loving Capricorns will relate to the Justin Bieber song “Baby”. This zodiac sign wants to find someone to commit to, and they will really love the meaning of the song. Since it’s about wanting to be with someone who isn’t living up to their expectations.

Sagittarius: At Least For Now

Sagittarius sign is all about exploring new places and travelling, so a Justin Bieber song about falling in deep and true love won’t appeal to them. But the song “At Least For Now” is about living in the moment, which Sagittarius would likely relate to any time of the day.

Scorpio: Where Are you Now

Scorpios will cherish Justin’s song “Where Are You Now,” from his Purpose collection. Scorpio natives don’t rush when it comes to trusting someone, and tend to keep mysteries from others. So when Bieber asks, “Where were you when I wanted you?” Scorpios are thinking of their urge to simply discover somebody whom they can trust and be open around.

Libra: Children

Justin’s melody “Youngsters,” from Purpose, is a sweet, moving tune. Justin sings the verses like, “Shouldn’t be something be said about a dream?/ to Be a visionary for a change/We’re the age/Who’s going to be the one to battle for it?” Librans will be thinking more about decency and are good at helping individuals. They will truly get into this melody, and its significant message will impact them.

Virgo: Purpose

Practical, shy, neat Virgo signs will love Justin’s song “Purpose.” It’s about making mistakes, thinking that the future doesn’t look very bright, and then finding enough inner strength to move forward. Virgos don’t like leaning on other people as they want to be able to take care of everything themselves, so they will relate to the message of moving on from a tough time.

Leo: Love Yourself

Justin’s song “Love Yourself,” co-written by Ed Sheeran, is from his album Purpose and is exactly the life motto that Leo signs live by, says their online astrology. This zodiac sign is very confident and happiest when all eyes are on them. The lyrics of this song are all about being true to your own self, which will only inspire the Leos in the town.

Cancer: Habitual

If someone belongs to the Cancer sign, the Justin Bieber song that represents them the best is “Habitual.” This is a very romantic song from his fifth album Changes. Cancers are emotional, loyal to their partner, and interested in making a long-term commitment to someone rather than dating casually. Cancers will relate to the chorus when Justin sings, “My love for you’s habitual.”

Gemini: 10,000 Hours

When Justin says, “I would spend ten thousand hours and ten thousand more/Oh, if that’s what it takes to learn that sweetheart of yours,” that’s exactly the sensitive way that Geminis approach falling in love. These signs are very sensitive and caring, which is the best thing about them.

Taurus: Never Say Never

Taurus signs will love Justin Bieber’s song “Never Say Never,” which was released in 2009. This song is perfect for this stubborn zodiac sign who don’t ever want to change their mind. It’s about making things happen even if other people don’t lend their support.

Aries: I’ll Show You

Aries is a fire sign and they try to bring a healthy dose of passion to everything they do. Aries sign will relate to the Biebs song “I’ll Show You.” From his Purpose album, it’s a song about someone who is determined to succeed even when there are people who say negative things and stand in their way.